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Support Engineer Ops

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Support Ops are the tools that are created by the support team to automate tasks or improve our workflows.

Premium Breach Notifications

The premium breach notifications is a webhook that is triggered by a ZenDesk automation titled Premium one hour breach tag. The trigger looks for any high premium tagged tickets that have less than 2 hours left on the breach clock. The automation runs at the top of every hour and due to this limitation, it does not run at the exact hour the ticket is less than 2 hour from breaching.

Once the ticket is updated, a trigger sends a webhook to slack which is configured on the slack side.

The webhook is formatted in json:

        "author_name": "Ticket #{{}} - {{ticket.title}}",
        "author_link": "{{ticket.url}}"

#zd-self-managed-feed and #zd-gitlab-com-feed

The #zd-self-managed-feed channel is updated by a webhook that shows any self-managed ticket that is updated. It's different from the ZenDesk Slack integration because it shows organization names.

It only updates created and updated tickets.

The #zd-self-managed-feed channel does not display tickets addressed to or The #zd-gitlab-com-feed does not display EE tickets.

The webhook is formatted in json:

  "attachments": [
     "fallback": "",
     "color": "#4AACD8",
     "pretext": "{{ticket.status}} ticket updated by {{}}:
        <{{}}|Ticket #{{}}>",
        "title": "{{ticket.title}}",
        "author_name": "{{}}",
        "title_link": "{{}}",
        "text": "{{ticket.latest_comment}}",
        "fields": [
     "footer": "ZenDesk",

Other tools

Supportbot : Bot for getting ZenDesk tickets.