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Support Workflows


We know finding information for issues can be tough as a new support team member given the amount of information available. For this reason, we've created a list of common support requests as a navigation guide. This reference includes links to existing reference material, "live" ticket examples and special handling notes.

Below these references, you'll find detailed workflows for specific scenarios you might encounter. If there's ever a conflict between what is documented in the quick reference or what was done in a historical ticket and a workflow, the workflow is authoritative (and you should consider submitting an MR to bring things into line!)

Common Support Requests

Accounts Receiveable Requests

Sales Requests

Account Access -

Subscription & General Account Clarification -

Dormant Namespace -

Security, DMCA & Spam -

Misc. Internal Request Resources

  • Questions about:
    • Partnership opportunities: slack #Partnerships, also give Integrate with Gitlab link
    • #education-oss
    • Escalated upgrades/renewals/downgrades: slack Vilius Kavaliauskas (EU Timezone) or Kyla Gradin (US Timezone)
    • OSS Gold program: slack #community-advocates
    • Google Cloud Plaform credit issues: see support workflow

Tools Used by Request Type

Request Risk Factor Worksheet API Username Lookup Admin Customers Portal - Admin Mailgun
2FA X X X    
Password Reset   X X   X
Invoice Request       X  
Change Credit Card       X  
Cancel Trial       X  
Cancel + Refund       X  
Dormant Username   X X    
Blocked by Security          

Tools Tips


5 Infrastructure for troubleshooting

1 Live Upgrade Assistance