Jun 22, 2012 -

GITLAB v2.6 released

Here you can find information about GitLab's version 2.6 release. Learn more!

Meet the new GITLAB version - 2.6

This release contains almost 200 commits and have a lot of major & minor improvements

Short changelog:

  • Better fonts for code/commit browse (Windows, Linux)
  • Ability to remove source branch after apply Merge Request
  • You can create Merge Request from your last push from dashboard
  • Network graph improved
  • RSS Feed for dashboard
  • UI polished
  • Admin area - Search for projects, users
  • Legend for Issues & Merge Requests
  • Assignee filter for issues
  • Bugfixes
  • Code refactoring
  • Increased test coverage of application


Update from 2.5.0 How to Install

Some screens:

Screens Screens Screens

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