Oct 22, 2012 -

GitLab 3

Here you can find information about GitLab's version 3.0 release. Learn more!

GitLab version 3.0 released

Good news everyone!

Today is 22th and it means we have a GitLab release today. It is our 13th release. Yippee!

Every month we give you a new version of GitLab and we will try to save this tradition. Also we will keep GitLab free and open source product in the future.

Special thanks to GitLab core team who contribute so much awesome code in GitLab.

Also thanks to GitLab co-author & core developer Valeriy Sizov. He helps me move forward even despite of all difficulties on our way.

Few quotes from core devs:

Valeriy Sizov:

GitLab is developing by developers from different parts of the world. You can trust us - we fix critical issues in 24 hours

Dmitriy Zaporozhets:

I had a dream about high-quality FOSS product I can admire - my dream come true.

Valeriy Sizov:

Our will is solid as rock. GitLab 3 is very cool but version 4 will be even better. GitLab is not an only software we are going to share with this world. We are developers and if miss something - we build it!

Dmitriy Zaporozhets:

We are going to build a best software. GitLab 3 is not an end - it is only a beginning.

Release notes:

Its time to share some information about release (its not a full changelog below - just a list of things I remember we did in past month).

  • 300+ commits of awesome code
  • Web editor
  • Even more API
  • Improved File Browsing
  • Fixed critical bug with deleting/adding ssh keys
  • Added unofficial Postgres support
  • Project Groups(In case you want to group your projects)
  • Performance of Files & Commits significantly improved
  • refactoring, code cleanup etc

We recommend you to update your GitLab instance :)

I'd like to thank a community for bug reporting, contributing and patience.

Some screens



Project Group dashboard:


Files view:


Web Editor:



Update from 2.9

Update from 2.6+

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