Dec 20, 2012 -

GitLab 4.0 release details and schedule

Learn more about Gitlab Release 4.0 details and schedule.

Some details of upcoming GitLab 4.0 and release date

Release schedule:

  • Dec 21..22 - we test 4.0 release candidate
  • Dec 22..23 - we will merge master into stable
  • Dec 23 - Installation docs is ready. 4.0 is ready for fresh install
  • Dec 24 - Updating docs. You will be able to migrate your GitLab instances to 4.0

Important changes:

  • New projects will be namespaced (ex. gitlab/vagrant )
  • Every group got own directory in gitolite
  • All projects of group will be moved under group directory ( git remote should be updated )
  • Projects w/o groups will stay with same remote
  • User got username ( For existing users it will be generated based on email )
  • User create project under his username ( ex. randx/my-project )
  • User can change username. All projects under his username will be moved
  • Group got owner
  • Owner can create projects within group
  • Owner can access every project within a group
  • Admin can transfer any project from one namespace(group, user, global) to another
  • Group or user is a namespace for project. Owner of namespace is an owner of project

Migration notes:

  • Required: replace gitolite hooks
  • Required: activate namespaces
  • Required: update permissions on /home/git/repositories/
  • Strongly recommended: replace gitlab.yml with new one

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