Dec 23, 2012 -

GitLab 4.0 released

Learn more about Gitlab Release 4.0 improvements and new features.

GITLAB 4.0 released

Hi everyone!

Finally we released GITLAB v4.0.0!

There are a lot of changes so we introduce you to the important one

Application behaviour changes:

  • New projects will be namespaced (ex. gitlab/vagrant )
  • Every group got own directory in gitolite
  • All projects of group will be moved under group directory ( git remote should be updated )
  • Projects w/o groups will stay with same remote
  • User got username ( For existing users it will be generated based on email )
  • User create project under his username ( ex. randx/my-project )
  • User can change username. All projects under his username will be moved
  • Group got owner
  • Owner can create projects within group
  • Owner can access every project within a group
  • Admin can transfer any project from one namespace(group, user, global) to another
  • Group or user is a namespace for project. Owner of namespace is an owner of project

Other changes

  • Better PostgreSQL support
  • Added email notification on project move
  • Fixed email notification on issue close/reopen
  • Reorganized settings
  • Fixed commits compare
  • Update the UI to allow downloading Patch or Diff for Commit, MR
  • Milestones can be closed now. Milestone stays open unless you close it
  • Show comment events on dashboard
  • Quick add team members via group#people page
  • UI improvements
  • In admin area projects, users and groups sorted alphabetically
  • Issue management page on dashboard improved
  • Better integration with GitLab CI ( requires GitLab CI v1.1.1 )

What we removed in 4.0:

  • gitolite 2 support
  • SQLite support (I like it but this database got locked when several users use gitlab at once)
  • API v2 support (its simply incompatible with namespaced projects)

What should be updated during migration:

  • gitlab.yml config
  • gitolite post-receive hooks
  • permissions on /home/git/repositories/
  • python2 symlink


Dashboard: Screens Merge Request with CI status Screens Files browsing Screens Issues Screens

How to reinstall gitolite with new version

How to migrate from sqlite

How to install GitLab v4.0.0

How to update a GitLab to v4.0.0

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