GitLab now supports Microsoft Exchange and Google Groups for incoming email features like Service Desk

Victor Wu ·
Jan 23, 2019 · 1 min read

As of GitLab 11.7, you can now use either Microsoft Exchange or Google Groups with your self-managed GitLab instance, configured as an email server, giving you even more options when setting up incoming email functionality. Users of are unaffected by this change, and already have access to features requiring incoming email, per their specific subscription.

There are several important features in GitLab that depend on users being able to receive emails from GitLab:

Previously, these features were available to self-managed GitLab users only if your email server supported sub-addressing. Microsoft Exchange and Google Groups do not support sub-addressing. GitLab 11.7 now supports both sub-addressing and catch-all email mailboxes, enabling compatibility with these two popular options that do provide catch-all email mailboxes.

Read more about configuring incoming email in GitLab.

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“GitLab incoming email now supports Microsoft Exchange and Google Groups” – Victor Wu

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