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Jul 14, 2022

Open core is worse than plugins... and that’s why it’s better

Learn why GitLab's decision to opt for the "worse" choice has been a great success. Read on

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How to leverage modern software testing skills in DevOps

Jul 5, 2022

Test automation is finally happening, but do teams have the necessary modern software testing skills? Here's what you need to know

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Two sizes fit most: PostgreSQL and Clickhouse

Apr 29, 2022

Relational databases are not in decline. Here's why.

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Celebrating 17 years of Git

Apr 7, 2022

Here's the history, tips, tricks and even a mea culpa to help celebrate the 17th anniversary of Git.

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Observability is key to cloud-native transitions and modern application development

Apr 5, 2022

Want better visibility into the entire software development lifecycle across environments? Learn how observability can help.

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Want a better DevOps career? Learn the business

Johanna Ambrosio
Mar 17, 2022

A better DevOps career starts with a thorough understanding of business. Here's how to get started.

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5 key organizational models for DevOps teams

Mar 8, 2022

DevOps teams can be organized in multiple ways. Identify the one that fits your organization.

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How to move from IC to DevOps manager and succeed

Lauren Gibbons Paul
Mar 1, 2022

Transitioning from great DevOps engineer to great DevOps manager isn't always easy. Here are some tools to help you get a management role and keep it.

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Fantastic Infrastructure as Code security attacks and how to find them

Feb 17, 2022

Learn about possible attack scenarios in Infrastructure as Code and GitOps environments, evaluate tools and scanners with Terraform, Kubernetes, etc., and more.

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10 Reasons why your business needs CI/CD

Feb 15, 2022

Want to know why you should consider using CI/CD? Learn more here about the many business benefits of adopting a CI/CD workflow for you and your organization.

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Top 10 ways machine learning may help DevOps

Feb 14, 2022

Is machine learning part of your DevOps plan? Here are some ways ML could fit right in.

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4 Must-know DevOps principles

Feb 11, 2022

Learn four key DevOps principles and why they are essential to successful development and deployment.

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Learn Python with Pj! Part 1 - Getting started

Feb 8, 2022

Follow along as our education evangelist Pj Metz learns Python, and shares his experiences in the first of a multi-part series.

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First time open source contributor? 5 things to get you started

Feb 7, 2022

Open source really is *open* but it can be difficult to know where (and how) to jump in. Here's our best advice.

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How to keep up with CI/CD best practices

Feb 3, 2022

In this post, we lookat Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), how to implement some best practices and why it is important.

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How Zoopla used DORA metrics to boost deployments, increase automation and more

Gustaw Fit of Zoopla
Jan 24, 2022

GitLab customer Zoopla used the DORA metrics to boost production deployments from once a week to roughly 40 times a day. And that was only one of the performance improvements...

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