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November 26-30, 2018

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Las Vegas, NV USA

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Booth #2608

How you can get started with GitLab and AWS

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Join us for a live demo on getting started with Auto DevOps on Nov 28th at 1pm to learn how Auto DevOps simplifies your deployment pipeline to accelerate delivery by 200%, improves responsiveness, and closes the feedback gap between you and your users.

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Learn more about how GitLab can simplify toolchain complexity and speeds up cycle times.

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Sid Sijbrandij

Reinvent your pipeline with GitLab, Kubernetes, and Amazon EKS

Sid Sijbrandij

Tuesday, Nov 27th




Pilvi Theater

See how we automated CI/CD configuration based on learning from 2000+ contributors and 100,000+ organizations using GitLab. In the enterprise, getting deployment pipelines set up can take weeks. At GitLab we wanted to get developers started in minutes and wanted to build an experience where the only thing needed to get live in production is to commit your code- GitLab does the rest. Learn how we integrated Kubernetes with our auto-configuration capabilities to make setup as simple as just a few clicks. Watch our live demo on Amazon EKS of how fast you can go from code to production.

Josh Lambert

AutoDevops in 5 min

Josh Lambert
Senior Product Manger, Monitor

Tuesday, Nov 28


1:00pm PT


Booth 2608 at the expo floor in the Venitian

Auto DevOps is a fully featured CI/CD pipeline that automates the delivery process. Simply commit your code and Auto DevOps does the rest. Find out how you can easily get started.


GitLab CI 101

Solutions Architect

Tuesday, Nov 27


2:00pm PT


Booth 2608

In this talk, we will review how simple it is to get started with GitLab's built in CI tool.