Incentives at GitLab

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The following incentives are available for GitLabbers. Also see our separate page on benefits available to GitLabbers.

Sales Target Dinner Evangelism Reward

Since reaching sales targets is a team effort that integrates everything from making a great product to providing top notch customer support and everything in between, we reward all GitLabbers (not just the Sales team) for every month that we reach our Sales Targets. The incentive is 100 USD to each team member for the purpose of evangelizing the GitLab story. You may use the incentive at a restaurant of your choice. Enjoy!

Discretionary Bonuses

  1. Every now and then, individual GitLabbers really shine as they go above and beyond their regular responsibilities and tasks.
    • We recognize this through the #thanks channel, and sometimes also through a discretionary bonus.
    • Managers can recommend their team members to the CEO for a $1,000 bonus through a request in BambooHR. A general guideline is that 1 in 10 employees might receive a discretionary bonus each month. This can vary greatly as we don't give out bonuses just to hit a quota, nor would we hold one back because a a certain number had already been given.
    • The request should include a link to a google doc that details how the GitLabber demonstrated our values.
    • Once the request is approved in BambooHR, on the team call, the manager announces the “who” and “why” of the bonus. The team agenda item should include a link to the google doc that comment-able by everyone in the company.
  2. If you think you are meeting the requirements for another title, want to change jobs within the company, or think your growth should be reflected in your compensation please feel free to discuss with your manager. If you feel uncomfortable speaking with your manager, you can also contact People Ops.
  3. For values based bonuses please see Tinggly

Process for Recommending a Team Member for a Bonus in BambooHR

Manager (Reports To):

  1. Login to BambooHR.
  2. Select the team member you would like to adjust.
  3. In the top right hand corner, click Request a Change.
  4. Select Bonus.
  5. Enter in all applicable fields in the form, and then submit.

People Operations will also process in the applicable payroll.

Enter a Bonus into TriNet

  1. Go to HR Passport homepage
  2. Under "My Company" select "Payroll Entry & Admin"
  3. Select the proper payroll
  4. Under Other Earnings, select the BNO code and enter the amount of the bonus.
  5. Never hit submit. (It will cause the entire payroll to be paid the next day)
  6. Click Save when done. Note: Make sure to file all appropriate documentation in BambooHR. Also, if the employee has been employed for less than six months, check the notes section in BambooHR to see if they were referred by anyone at GitLab. If so, process a discretionary bonus for that team member as well.


Tinggly is a gift platform containing hundreds of different experiences. Purchasing a gift level gives the recipient access to an entire collection of experiences to choose from. Gifts are hand delivered in a specially designed package for GitLab. Experiences are available in over 100 countries across the globe and are valid for 24 months after purchase.

  1. What are the different levels of experiences and how are they awarded?
    • Essential Collection (Valued at $79 USD): Peer to peer nominations.
    • Premium Collection (Valued at $119 USD): Manager nominating a team member.
    • Ultimate Collection (Valued at $279 USD): Awarded to the team member who is selected as the Top Team Member each month.
    • Bucket List (Prices Vary): Bucket List items are reserved for Executive team nominations for extraordinary performance and alignment with our values. The gift must be approved by the Chief Culture OfficerOperations and the CEO.
  2. To recommend a peer, direct or indirect report, please email People Ops with the request. People Ops will ensure that the gift is approved by the appropriate managers and place the order for the new team member to receive their box.
  3. Director level and above are exempt from receiving Tinggly awards.
  4. What are some pointers for nominating a peer?
    • Tinggly is a great tool to be able to nominate a peer, perhaps outside of your team, for exemplifying GitLab's values. Please do not nominate someone for doing their job, but instead look at how they go above and beyond to make GitLab a better place to work!
    • Example of a recommendation that will be declined: "Someone in People Ops ordered business cards for me, so I would like to nominate them for a peer Tinggly award." As awesome as business cards are, ordering them is part of the onboarding process, so that task is part of People Ops' day to day job.
    • Example of a recommendation that will be approved: "A team member, outside my team, went above and beyond training me on git so I can be more productive." This team member should be rewarded for collaboration with a Tinggly Essential experience (peer to peer nomination).

Top Team Member

  1. A Top Team Member (T2M), exemplifies the GitLab Values in an extraordinary way.
  2. Each month People Ops will request managers to nominate a team member who is not on their own team to receive the T2M award. All team members can submit nominations, but just ping your manager in the issue to upvote.
    • The request will be sent on the 5th of each month and nominations will close at the end of the day (EST) on the 10th. The prize will be awarded on the 15th or the following business day (if on a weekend). The People Ops Analyst will tally the nominations. The decision will be finalized by a review committee made up of the Chief Culture Officer, CEO, CTO and the VP of Product.
    • Nominations should focus on efforts and explain specific situations that represent any of our values.
    • The T2M award will be announced on the Team Call to recognize the team member and posted on the culture page.
  3. A team member is only eligible to be awarded T2M once per calendar year.
  4. The award will be an experience from the Tinggly Ultimate Collection.
  5. Takeaway from this reward program: Behaviors awarded are likely to be repeated.

GitLab Anniversaries

To celebrate a GitLab hire date anniversary, People Ops will send a shout out on the #celebrations channel on Slack. Team members will also be sent a Tinggly package to select an experience within the category representing their years of service.

Gifts are sent based on the number of years the team member has worked at GitLab:

Process Tinggly

  1. A peer or manager will send an email to People Ops to nominate an individual for a Tinggly values based gift.
  2. People Ops will ensure the nominations are approved by the correct managers.
    • For a peer nominating a peer, the hiring manager can approve the gift.
    • For a manager nominating a direct report, the next highest manager can approve the award. If the manager reports to the CEO, approval is not necessary.
    • For a Bucket List gift, arrangements must be made by People Ops and Tinggly once an experience and dates are selected.
  3. Place the order for the box
    • For countries where Tinggly is known to not have many experiences available (currently, India) please send the team member swag codes with the equivalent amount.
    • You will need their address and phone number for shipping.
    • Go to Tinggly's website, select the collection type awarded, click "Buy a Gift", choose Gift Box, enter in the buyer's information and the delivery information, and personalize the voucher with why the team member was awarded the experience. To pay, use the appropriate code stored in the People Ops Vault in 1Password and click the box for "I have a discount." Click "Buy."
  4. Send a confirmation email to the team member at GitLab letting them know a box is on its way.
    • Anniversary Template: "Thank you for an awesome {number of years} year{s} at GitLab! We appreciate your contributions and are pleased to send you a {Collection Type} Collection from Tinggly! Please be on the lookout as your package will arrive to your home of record."
    • Nomination Template: "Thank you for your hard work and contributions at GitLab! You have been nominated for a {Collection Type} Collection from Tinggly based on {reason for nomination}! Please be on the lookout as your package will arrive to your home of record."
  5. For top team member post on the culture page who was awarded, the month, and a summary of why they were selected.
  6. Tinggly will bill GitLab on a monthly basis based on the amount of boxes sent. Each month People Ops should audit this report and ensure that the program is being used responsibly.

Note: This is a temporary process until People Ops and Tinggly can build an API to automate and take People Ops out of the ordering process.

Real Examples of Real Team Members Who Received Bonuses for Doing Great Things

Referral Bonuses

Chances are that if you work at GitLab, you have great friends and peers who would also be fantastic additions to our Team and who may be interested in one of the current Job Openings. To help us grow the team with exceptional people, we have referral bonuses that work as follows:

  1. We want to encourage and support diversity on our team and in our hiring practices, so we will offer a $2000 referral bonus for hires from underrepresented groups in the tech industry for engineering roles at GitLab once the new team member has been with the company for 3 months. This underrepresented group is defined as: women, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans/Latinos, and veterans.
  2. Any great candidate that is referred and hired will earn a GitLab employee a $1,000 bonus once the new team member has been with the company for 3 months.
  3. Exceptions: no bonuses for hiring people who report to you, and no bonus for the executive team.
  4. When your referral applies for an opening, make sure that they enter your name on the application form.
  5. For active job openings, see how to refer through Lever. You may also create your personal referral link to share and get credited with referrals.
  6. You can also submit passive referrals for our Global Recruiters to actively connect with via the passive referral form.

People Ops will process the bonus.

Document a future bonus in BambooHR

  1. Go to the employee who referred the new team member in BambooHR
  2. Under the Jobs Tab click Update Bonus
  3. Add the date the bonus will be paid if all conditions are met (90 days from hire of new employee)
  4. Enter the bonus amount
  5. Enter the bonus type to be a Referral Bonus
  6. Enter a note stating that this is a future bonus (this will be changed once the bonus has been paid)

Notification to Process a Bonus

BambooHR will send an email to PeopleOps on the date that the referral bonus should be paid for processing through the applicable payroll system. If the team member is a contractor, send them an email (and cc Finance) to invoice the bonus. Once the bonus has been processed, change the note in BambooHR to denote the referral bonus has been paid.

Visiting grant

GitLab is a remote-only company with GitLabbers all over the world (see the map on our Team page. If you want to visit other team members to get to know them GitLab will pay for the travel. You don't need to work on the same project or team, as long as you also discuss work while you're meeting. You can expense your travel costs up to a maximum of $150 for each team member that you visited and worked with.

GitLab will pay for flights, trains, and transportation to/from the airport. Lodging, meals, and local travel while visiting is not covered for anyone out of fairness to the people being visited. It may be acceptable to cover meals if pre-announced to other people in the region and there are four or more GitLabbers attending.

For example Douwe and Robert traveled to 49 different colleagues in 20 cities, in 14 countries, on five continents, in 6 months. Inspired by them Dimitrie went on a similar journey and provided a great template. Also check out tips on working remotely while abroad.

To claim the grant include a line item on your expense report or invoice with a list of team members you visited. The entire award can be claimed from the first month of travel to up to 3 months after the travel is completed.