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As a BDR (Business Development Representative) or SDR (Sales Development Representative) you will be dealing with the front end of the sales process. Your focus will be on generating opportunities that the AEs (Account Executives) and SALs (Strategic Account Leaders) accept, ultimately leading to closed won business. On this team we work hard, but have fun too (I know, it's a cliche …but here it's true!). We will work hard to guarantee your success if you do the same. We value results, transparency, sharing, freedom, efficiency, frugality, collaboration, directness, kindness, diversity, solutions, and quirkiness.

Being a BDR or SDR can come with what seems like long days, hard work, frustration, and even at times, failure. If you have the right mindset and come to work with a tenacious, hungry attitude you will see growth personally and in your career. GitLab is a place with endless opportunity. Let’s make it happen!

Criteria for Sales Accepted Opportunity (SAO)

Training and Resources

You play a crucial role that helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing. As you gain knowledge, you will be able to aid our future customers ship better software, faster. There are numerous resources at your fingertips that we have created to help you in this process.




Personal Development

Asking questions

Don't hesitate to ping one of your colleagues with a question, or someone on the team who specializes in what you're searching for. Everyone is happy to help, and it's better to get your work done faster with your team, than being held up at a road block.