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Channel Operations

Welcome to the Channel Operations page

Global Channel Dashboard

Use the Global Channel Dashboard to view Pipeline Creation, Open Pipeline, and Bookings reports grouped by Partner, Segment, or Region. Other reports within the Global Channel Dashboard include Deal Path, Engagement, Deal Type, Top Channel Deals by IACV, and Deals Registered through the Partner Portal.

Reports by Territory

Channel Book & Pipe-Current Fiscal Quarter Channel Book & Pipe-Current Fiscal Quarter Channel Book & Pipe-Current Fiscal Quarter Channel Book & Pipe-Current Fiscal Quarter
Channel Book & Pipe by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter Channel Book & Pipe by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter Channel Book & Pipe by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter Channel Book & Pipe by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter
Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current Fiscal Quarter Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current Fiscal Quarter Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current Fiscal Quarter Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current Fiscal Quarter
Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current & Next Fiscal Quarter Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current & Next Fiscal Quarter Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current & Next Fiscal Quarter Deal Path Pipe & Book - Current & Next Fiscal Quarter
Direct vs. Channel Book & Pipe - Current Fiscal Quarter Direct vs. Channel Book & Pipe - Current Fiscal Quarter Direct vs. Channel Book & Pipe - Current Fiscal Quarter Direct vs. Channel Book & Pipe - Current Fiscal Quarter
Open PIO Pipeline by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter Open PIO Pipeline by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter Open PIO Pipeline by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter Open PIO Pipeline by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter
PIO Bookings by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO Bookings by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO Bookings by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO Bookings by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter
PIO Creation by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO Creation by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO Creation by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO Creation by Partner - Current Fiscal Quarter
PIO New Logos - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO New Logos - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO New Logos - Current Fiscal Quarter PIO New Logos - Current Fiscal Quarter

All required team reporting is included above. In the event you need a special report, please open an issue and tag Channel Ops.

Managing Channel Opportunities

Policy and Process

All channel opportunities require a Partner to submit a Deal Registration via the Partner Portal (Impartner). For more details on the partner deal registration process go here.

When a deal registration is submitted a lead is created in SFDC. An email is also sent from the alias to the Channel Sales Manager(s).

Channel Sales Managers need to review the deal registration and do a search in SFDC to make sure another deal reg doesn’t already exist for the same opportunity. Only one deal registration can be approved for a specific opportunity. As a reminder, deal registrations are opportunity based and partners cannot register an account.

A new Partner Information section has been added to all opportunities. This will ensure proper tracking for all channel opportunities when filled in. If you are working a deal with a GTM route of Channel, please ensure this section is properly reflecting the partners of the deal.

In order to see if a deal registration or opportunity already exists perform the following steps

  1. Search SFDC using the customers contact email address
  2. If nothing is found, try searching by the company name
  3. Check with the applicable sales rep as needed

Once the search is completed, then reach out to the applicable sales rep and discuss the deal registration and whether or not it should be approved based off the following guidance:

Guidance for Deal Registration Processing

Why is this important?

Sales Stage in SFDC Partner Initiated (PIO) Partner Assist Fulfill
00-Pre Opportunity X
0-Pending Acceptance X
1-Discovery CSM Discretion CSM Discretion
2-Scoping X
3-Technical Evaluation X
4-Proposal CSM Discretion CSM Discretion
5-Negotiating X
6-Awaiting Signature X

Other Resources:

Scenarios for Processing Deal Registration:

(1) Processing a Deal Registration where no other Deal Registration or Opportunity already exists

  1. From the lead record in SFDC, click on the CONVERT button at the top middle of the page
  2. It will take you to an Account Creation page
    1. Update the Record Owner to yourself (applicable Channel Sales Manager)
    2. If a customer account already exists in SFDC, select it in the drop down, otherwise select Create New
    3. Update the opportunity name based off the GL naming guidance here
    4. Fill out the required fields in the Task Information section
    5. Click CONVERT at the bottom once completed
  3. The deal registration is now approved and an opportunity has now been created
    1. In order to save the opportunity the following fields will be required (some will map over from the deal reg conversion)
      1. DR - Partner
      2. DR- Partner Deal Type: Resale, Referral, Services Attach
        1. If Resale, then select PIO, Assisted, or Fulfilment in the Deal Engagement picklist
        2. If Referral, Deal Engagement will default to PIO
          1. If a different Partner is fulfilling the deal, please add the Fulfilment Partner Field
        3. If Services Attach will default to N/A
        4. Distributor, Influence, and Platform Partner as applicable
    2. Ensure that the owner of the opportunity is changed to the applicable sales rep once the opportunity is saved.
      1. Do not select any of the checkboxes when changing the opportunity owner

(2) Processing a Deal Registration when an Opportunity already exists

  1. Follow the same steps 1-3 in the previous section
  2. Once completed, send a request to Channel Ops either from Chatter or Slack providing them the link to the opportunity you just created and the one that already exists
  3. They will perform the necessary steps to update the records accordingly

(3) Denying a Deal Registration when one already exists or does not meet program requirements

  1. From the deal registration lead record, click on DENY DEAL REGISTRATION button on the top of the page
    1. It will take you to another screen to confirm, check the box, and hit next
    2. Status of deal registration will now be changed to “Denied” and synched back with the Partner Portal (Impartner)

SFDC Field Definitions:

Rules of Engagement on Channel Deals

Managing Special Cases

Creating MSP Opportunities

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) purchases licenses on behalf of an end user. The MSP will be the owner and manager of the licenses but their customer - the end user - is the one using the licenses. This creates specific needs in GitLab Salesforce opportunities to ensure proper reporting and compensation.

When you have an MSP opportunity, the Sales Reps need to follow these additional steps:

Step 1: The opportunity must be created using the MSP partner account, NOT the potential customer on whose behalf they are purchasing.

Step 2: Change the opportunity owner to the correct Sales Rep that owns the end-user account even though the opportunity is created under the Partner MSP account.

Step 3: Fill out the Partner and Deal Registration Information Section per the following: DR-Partner: this must list the MSP’s Partner account (same as the opportunity is created under) DR-Deal type: “Resale” DR-Engagement: “PIO”

Step 4: When filling out the quote for this opportunity, select the MSP quote template.

Creating a Service-Attached Opportunity

A Service-Attached opportunity is created to track when a partner offers their own professional services along with GitLab licenses. This is separate from the license sale and respective Salesforce opportunity.

To create the opportunity, the partner must register the deal on the partner portal. The opportunity needs to be created for the service-attach opportunity alone. The service-attached opportunity should never be a part of, or added on to the GitLab product sale opportunity.

For proper reporting, ensure that all the correct fields are used to notate that this is a partner service-attached opportunity.

GitLab Sales needs to add the GitLab product sales opportunity as the parent opportunity to the service-attached opportunity.

As the opportunity progresses, use the stages of the opportunity (0 - 7) until the agreement documentation is received that the customer is moving forward. Once the agreement for the Partner Services is completed (i.e. SOW, quote, order form), change the opportunity to Stage: 10-Duplicate.

Multiple-bid Process

For opportunities where there are multiple partners bidding on the same opportunity, it’s important that each partner gets the appropriate pricing for the opportunity.

For more informaiton on quoting or the Partner Program, please visit:

Deal Desk Quote Configuration

Partner Program

Program and Incentive Definitions

Partner Program Discounts

Partner Initiated Opportunity - PIO

Partner Assist Opportunity

Partner Fulfill Opportunity

Services Attach Opportunity

Services Resale

Incumbency Renewals

Tender Offers

Program Compliance

Unauthorized Partners

Partner Applicant Approval / Denial - Granting Portal Access

Partner Program participation sign ups must be initiated by the Partner in the Partner Portal application form which can be found here. In the partner application process, channel partners review the partner contract, including both the resale and referral addenda, review the partner program guide, complete their application form and agree to program terms and conditions. Technology partners are not able to agree to the terms and conditions during the application process.

If an authorized representative of the channel partner accepts the agreement terms, they (or the person entering the application) will need to select “Yes” that they agree to terms on the application form. Once they have agreed, they will automatically be set to “ Authorized” and will get immediate access to the partner portal. At this time, partners will be set up in both Salesforce and the partner portal at Authorized and their track set to Open.

The partner will receive an email confirming the receipt of their application, and applicable Channel Sales or Alliance Manager will receive a New Partner notification email from notifying there is a new partner applicant in that region. Channel Sales Managers will be notified of each partner application in their regions, whether they agreed to the terms or not.

Upon receiving notification they will be responsible for reviewing the partner’s information and deactivating any inappropriate partners. They will also need to set the Partner Type in Salesforce for newly authorized partners.

For partners that have questions about the contract or need to negotiate terms and conditions, Channel Sales Managers are responsible for working with the partner offline to address questions and come to agreement on program terms. Upon receiving the New Partner Applicant notification email, the applicable Channels Sales Manager needs to complete the following:

  1. Contact the partner and qualify them
  2. If the decision is to move forward with the partner first check to see if a partner account already exists in Salesforce. If it is a duplicate, request for the accounts to be merged by the Channel Operations team. If the decision is to deny the partner then go to step #7.
  3. To start the contracting process click the Legal Request button in SFDC on the partner account record.
    • Request the appropriate contract addendum (Resale, Referral/Services or both OR MSP OR OTHER). Default should be Resale and Referral/Services.
  4. Once the contract is fully executed and attached to the partner account record in SFDC the following fields need to be updated by the Channel Sales Manager and are required(*) in order to save the account
    • *Change Partner Status = Authorized
    • *Select Partner Type
    • For partners that signed standard contract terms, set Partner Program Status to “New”.
    • Please update the partner record to be as complete as possible.
    • For additional information on the Partner Program review here
  5. Once a partner is authorized, each SFDC contact for that partner will automatically receive a message with login credentials to the portal.
  6. Additional partner employees can go to to register. \ Once they are linked to an authorized partner account (they must select the correct account upon registering), they will automatically receive a message with login credentials. If the account is still a Prospect they will not have access until the account has an executed contract and is moved to Authorized.
  7. If the decision is to not move forward with the partner,
    • Channel Sales Manager needs to set Partner Status = Denied

Technology partners use the same form, but are not able to agree to the terms and conditions. Once they submit the form, they will be set to active. If the Alliances team wants to establish a contract with the partner, they must follow the Legal Request process in Salesforce.

If for any reason, a partner account needs to be created in Salesforce directly, requests for account creation can be made to #channel-ops within Slack.

Visit the Partner Applicant / Partner Portal FAQ for additional information.

Channel Neutral

To incentivize working with our Channel partners, 'Channel Neutral' means that we will not reduce $ value to individual sellers even if the Channel business reduces total iACV to GitLab (via discounts or rebates). More information can be found on the compensation page.

Channel Neutral Comp

Channel Marketing Processes

Complete process for submitting an MDF proposal request for funds and detailed instructions regarding the approval and claim process can be found in the Channel Partner Handbook under MDF.

Select and Open Partners are able to submit MDF requests via the Marketing Page in the Partner Portal. Partners should be reviewing plans with you prior to submitting an MDF request in the Portal to ensure you are aligned with the proposal.

Partner Logos may be accessed in GitLab Partner Portal in the Asset Library under Marketing. Logos are segmented so only authorized Select Partners have access to the Select Logo.

Partner Communications

Partner Flash Newsletter


Partner Flash is a monthly newsletter that recaps important Partner-related information from the month and highlights important upcoming information. The main goal of this communication is to help Partners ramp quickly and grow their GitLab business.

Target Audience

The newsletter is sent to authorized users in our Partner community, the list is gathered and updated from the Partner Portal, new users are added or you can self serve by going to this link.


The newsletter will…

Uphold our **values of transparency**

Prioritize repetition, brevity, user-friendliness and added value

Be fun to look at and read

Help the Channel operationalize key messages

Be an opportunity for the Partner Community to "learn themselves"

Highlight all aspects that make a big win possible

Keep the onus on individuals to stay informed

Be general enough to allow us to remain segment-agnostic

**Uphold our value of "everyone can contribute" – we will measure success and gather Partner feedback often. **


Based on the requirements above, this is the first iteration of the newsletter format:

  1. Featured
    • The announcement we think is most impactful to our Partners he field. We will try to communicate this in an image with 1-2 lines of text + 1-2 links to references.
  2. Enablement Extras
    • Updates on new or updated training + opportunities to reinforce SKO learning objectives. (i.e. Did you know…?/Did you remember that…?)
    • Competitive information
    • Messages from our Leadership teams
  3. New and noteworthy resources
    • Link to that month’s Partner Webcast series
    • GitLab whitepapers, reports or studies that might help a Partner advance an opportunity through the sales cycle.
  4. Partner Deal of the month (or Deal of the Month if appropriate to share)
    • Video of sales/CS team member(s) overviewing the opportunity and/or customer and explaining how they won the deal + links to any customer-facing collateral they used (that can be publicly shared).
  5. What's new in GitLab
    • The top 3 takeaways from the latest GitLab release, mapped to one of the three value drivers and framed in the context of the customer value.


The newsletter is sent out on the first Thursday of each month after our Partner Webcast series has concluded. We can adjust delivery based on feedback from the field, holidays or timing of a Partner focused update (pricing).

We build the newsletter in an issue in the Partner Communication project.The process for the issue includes:

To be added to the newsletter distribution list, use this signup form. Measurement

Quantitative Success Metrics

Qualitative Success Metrics

Past Newsletters

05/07/2020 - We're Live! Our First Edition of Partner Flash.

06/04/2020 - Partner Flash Top Partner Highlights for June

07/06/2020 - GitLab Partner Flash: July Edition

08/12/2020- GitLab Partner Flash: August Edition

Additional newsletters can be found here.

Additional newsletters can be found

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Standard Channel Discounts for my Partners?

Public Sector discount table

Where can I find more information about our current Partner processes?

Whats the current Deal Registration Process?

How do I track the opportunity of a partner deal? Please fill in at least one of the following Opportunity drop downs to identify the deal as a Channel opportunity.

How do I check what I'm being paid on?

What are some examples of Channel Neutral math?

Deal Calculation Direct Deal Channel 1 (Neutral) Channel 2 (Add’l Disc) Channel 3 (Split Disc)
List Price $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
Channel Discount 0% 20% 20% 20%
Additional Rep Discount 5% 0% +5% +2.5%
Total Discount 5% 20% 25% 22.5%
IACV (Quota Relief) $95,000 $80,000 $75,000 $77,500
Channel Neutral (No Quota Relief @ BCR) +$0 +$20,000 +$20,000 +$20,000
Commissionable Amount $95,000 $100,000 $95,000 $97,500
Base Commission Rate (BCR) % 8 % 8 % 8 % 8
Commission Payout $7,600 $8,000 $7,600 $7,800

How do I get Channel deals/discount approvals? Follow standard approval process in SFDC

How does the Amazon Process work? Follow Amazon Web Services (AWS) Private Offer Transactions handbook

I need HELP! How to do I reach out to the experts?

The quickest way to get help is by using the following Slack channels:

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