Dec 5, 2014 - Job van der Voort

GitLab 7.5.3 Release

Learn more about GitLab Release 7.5.3 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE)

Today we release GitLab 7.5.3 CE and EE.

GitLab 7.5.3 updates Rugged to 0.21.2 to solve issues with 'finding too many commits'. This issue could cause the PostReceive job triggered by a git push to take a very long time and consume a lot of memory.

For GitLab Enterprise Edition, 7.5.3 additionally fixes 'Redis::InheritedError', which caused problems when creating new groups or projects in GitLab 7.5.0-7.5.2 Enterprise Edition.


Omnibus-gitlab packages for GitLab 7.5.3 (including GitLab CI 5.2.1) are now available.

To upgrade a GitLab installation from source please use the upgrader or the patch update guide.

To upgrade a GitLab CI installation from source, please use the upgrade guide.

Enterprise Edition

Omnibus packages for GitLab Enterprise Edition 7.5.3 are available for subscribers here. For installations from source, use this guide.

Interested in GitLab Enterprise Edition? For an overview of feature exclusive to GitLab Enterprise Edition please have a look at the features exclusive to GitLab EE.

Access to GitLab Enterprise Edition is included with a subscription. No time to upgrade GitLab yourself? A subscription also entitles to our upgrade and installation services.

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