Apr 23, 2015 - Jacob Vosmaer  

GitLab 7.10.0 Omnibus patch release

Learn more about GitLab Release 7.10.0 Omnibus patch for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE)

We have just released new Omnibus packages for GitLab 7.10 that address issues with outgoing SSL connections for GitLab and GitLab CI. The new packages also contain instructions to work around RPM upgrade issues going from GitLab 7.9 or earlier to 7.10 or later.

Outgoing SSL connection issues

GitLab Omnibus packages contain a copy of the mozilla.org CA certificate bundle as distributed by the cURL project. These CA certificates are required to verify SSL peer identities during outgoing SSL connections such as API calls made by GitLab and GitLab CI. Due to a build error, the CA certificate bundle file included in the original 7.10 Omnibus packages had incorrect permissions, denying access to GitLab processes. The result is that it is as if the original 7.10 packages came with no trusted CA certificates at all. The new Omnibus packages released today address this issue.

If you cannot upgrade straightaway, you can use the following workaround for this problem:

sudo chmod 644 /opt/gitlab/embedded/ssl/certs/cacert.pem
sudo gitlab-ctl restart

RPM upgrade issues

Motivated by our move to distributing GitLab Omnibus packages via packages.gitlab.com/gitlab we have renamed our Omnibus packages from plain 'gitlab' to 'gitlab-ce' and 'gitlab-ee' respectively. When you upgrade from GitLab 7.9 or earlier to the latest Omnibus packages, the package system will detect a 'conflict' and remove 'gitlab' in favor of 'gitlab-ce' or 'gitlab-ee'.

It has come to our attention that due to the order in which RPM post-removal and post-installation scripts run, this change from 'gitlab' to 'gitlab-ce'/'gitlab-ee' removes /usr/bin/gitlab-ctl and related commands. This issue does not affect Debian-based systems.

As a workaround on RPM-based systems, please run the following command after upgrading to GitLab 7.10 or newer:

sudo ln -sf                       \
  /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-ctl      \
  /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-rake     \
  /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-rails    \
  /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-ci-rake  \
  /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-ci-rails \

The post-install message of the package will also tell you to make this change.


Please see our downloads page for installation instructions for the latest packages.

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