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Feb 12, 2013 · 1 min read
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Yeap GitLab 5.0 will be without gitolite

Gitolite was a real help when we started with GitLab. It saves us a lot of work and provide a pretty functional solution.

But after time we understood - keep gitlab and gitolite synced is harder than build own solution.


GitLab Shell

GitLab Shell is my replacement for gitolite.

Basically it's a few scripts on ruby and shell for managing /home/git/.ssh/authorized_keys and /home/git/repositories

You can find source code on github

2 users -> 1 user

Earlier we have 2 users for GitLab. gitlab for GitLab and git for gitolite.

Now its only one git user for GitLab and GitLab Shell

New GitLab directory structure

This is the directory structure you will end up with following the instructions in the Installation Guide.

|-- home
|   |-- git
|       |-- .ssh
|       |-- gitlab
|       |-- gitlab-satellites
|       |-- gitlab-shell
|       |-- repositories


1. Amount of code

Its was ~ 1000 lines of code related to gitolite inside of GitLab. And one library for parsing gitolite config.

Now it is only 150 lines of pretty simple code related to gitlab shell.

2. Performance

For we decreased project creation time in 10 times.

3. Stability

GitLab Shell does not store Access Control List. It asks GitLab for permissions via api.

No out of sync between GitLab and GitLab Shell == much stable backend solution.

4. Simplicity of update

You can update gitlab-shell just by git pull

You dont even need to restart gitlab service

Feb 22: GitLab 4.2 - last release with gitolite

Mar 22: GitLab 5.0 - requires gitlab-shell

Currently I'm working on migration docs to GitLab 5.0.0pre. You can find a draft here

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