Where to find a GitLab Meetup in December: México City, Wellington, Nigeria, São Paolo, MSP, Chicago, Geneva

Dec 5, 2019 · 2 min read
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GitLab's community is critical to our success and meetups are important for our community. They give our community members a chance to engage with each other, make new connections, and better educate themselves about the power of GitLab.

Thanks to an amazing group of meetup organizers, GitLab has a network of 36 meetup groups with more than 7,700 members around the world. In 2019, our organizers hosted more than 100 events. We expect the numbers of organizers, groups, meetup members, and events to grow significantly in 2020.

If you'd like to attend a GitLab Meetup, you can see our December meetups listed below. No event in your area? Our Meetup Pro page will show you if we have a group near you. No group near you? Why not try starting your own GitLab Meetup in 2020? We'll be happy to support you along your journey. Take a look at the GitLab Meetups page or reach out to me to learn how GitLab can help you start a meetup in your area.

December 2019 Meetups Map

México City GitLab Meetup

On December 7 in México City, join the community for part two of an intro to GitLab series. If you missed part one, you're still encouraged to attend! Details and RSVP on Meetup.

GitLab Meetup ANZ

Join us for this Lunch and Learn Lab Session on December 10 in Wellington, NZ. You will break into small groups and develop your understanding and skills through hands-on practical use of GitLab. Bring a laptop! Details and RSVP on Meetup.

GitLab Nigeria Community

The GitLab Nigeria Community will gather on December 11 in Abraka for an Introduction to Git with GitLab workshop. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

GitLab Nigeria Community

Join this meetup in Bauchi, Nigeria to learn about Version Control and Project Management with GitLab. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

São Paulo GitLab Meetup

Learn about GitLab CI and GitOps at this meetup in São Paolo on December 12. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

GitLab MSP User Group

The GitLab MSP User Group is meeting for the first time on December 12. Hear talks from two GitLab customers on their DevOps journeys along with recaps of KubeCon and re:Invent from event attendees. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

GitLab Chicago User Community

Ease into the Holidays and come learn how easy it is to run your own feature-rich, self-managed GitLab CI/CD! This meetup on December 19 in Chicago will be the first for the group. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

Docker Geneva

On December 19 in Geneva, you can see a live demo and learn how GitLab AutoDevOps supports builds, tests, and deployments on Kubernetes. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

GitLab Nigeria Community

Bring your laptop for a day of learning about Git, GitLab, collaboration and community at this meetup on December 21 in Warri. Details and RSVP on Meetup.

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