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Jan 31, 2023

The future of DevOps education needs to include security

Learn how educators and students can prepare for the world of DevSecOps. Read on

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Learn Python with Pj! Part 5 - Build a hashtag tracker with the Twitter API

Jun 1, 2022

Our Education Evangelist Pj Metz wraps up his five-part series with this penultimate tutorial.

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Learn Python with Pj! Part 4 - Dictionaries and Files

May 5, 2022

Our education evangelist Pj Metz continues his journey to learn how to code in Python.

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5 ways collaboration boosts productivity and your career

May 2, 2022

Collaboration is a powerful tool and DevOps pros that learn how to master it will expand their growth opportunities.

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DevOps hiring from the deep end of the talent pool

Feb 1, 2022

Time to broaden your search beyond four-year tech degrees to candidates with life experience, self-taught/bootcamp chops, and soft skills.

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Where to donate your DevOps skills

Dec 8, 2021

Want to feel great and help fill the DevOps talent pipeline? Here are some rewarding opportunities to donate your tech knowledge to others.

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