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Diversity and Inclusion

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Our Global TeamIn May of 2019, our team of 638 GitLab team-members from around the world had our annual company trip. This year it was New Orleans!

Diversity & Inclusion Mission at GitLab

Diversity & Inclusion is fundamental to the success of GitLab. We want to infuse it in every way possible in all that we do. We strive to create a transparent environment where all team members around the globe feel that their voices are heard and welcomed. We also aim to be a place where people can show up as their full selves each day and contribute their best. With more than 100,000 organizations using GitLab across the globe, our goal is to have a team that is representative of our users.

GitLab's Definition of Diversity & Inclusion

Although Diversity & Inclusion are often used interchangeably and can also be defined in several ways, it is helpful to understand how to differentiate between the two. Here at GitLab it is described in the following way:

Understanding of the purpose of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group

  1. The Global D&I Advisory Group is designed to provide greater representation of the diversity and inclusion of GitLabs workforce. The group will assist with global feedback in implementing the diversity and inclusion strategy, policies and initiatives. Having global feedback is imperative to making global decisions.
  2. Review and provide feedback on new initiatives
  3. Suggest/Propose initiatives needed based on the region in which you reside.

Members of the advisory board have a tag on the team page and you can find a full list on this page.


Inclusive teams are naturally more engaged, collaborative and innovative. We aim to align our values to be reflective of our company wide commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

In addition, the very nature of our company is to facilitate and foster inclusion. We believe in asynchronous communication, we allow flexible work hours. GitLab team-members are encouraged to work when and where they are most comfortable.

Fully Distributed and Completely Connected

The GitLab team is fully distributed across the globe, providing our team the opportunity to connect with each others cultures, celebrations and unique traditions. We collaborate professionally and connect personally! Our unique all-remote team opens our door to everyone. Candidates are not limited by geography and we champion this approach, to the extent that it’s possible, for all companies!

By having no offices and allowing each GitLab team member to work and live where they are most comfortable, GitLab offers a uniquely inclusive culture.

Learn more about GitLab's all-remote culture.

GitLab team-member Data

Please see our identity data.

Inclusion at GitLab

Gitlab is growing significantly, making it imperative to continuously foster community and build allyship. Diversity and Inclusion are crucial to building a collaborative company wide culture. We aim to retain all great talent.

What We Are Doing with Diversity & Inclusion:

What We Are Working on with Diversity & Inclusion:

Employee Training and learning opportunities


GitLab team-members are distributed across the globe, giving us access to an array of opportunity. We encourage collaboration with global organizations and programs that support underrepresented individuals in the tech industry. GitLab also provides additional support through the Diversity Sponsorship program. GitLab Diversity Sponsorship program. We offer funds to help support the event financially and, if the event is in a city we have a GitLab team-member, we get hands-on by offering to coach and/or give a talk whenever possible.

Additional Resources and Training Opportunities

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