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CEO Shadow Program

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The CEO Shadow Program at GitLab is not a job title but a temporary assignment to shadow the CEO. The shadows will be present at all meetings of the CEO. Like all meetings at GitLab, meetings will begin promptly regardless of shadow(s) attendance. GitLab is all remote but the CEO has in-person meetings with external organizations. Therefore, you will stay in San Francisco during the entire rotation and travel with the CEO.


The goal of the shadow program is to give current and future directors and senior leaders at GitLab an overview of all aspects of the company. This should enable leadership to better perform global optimizations. Achieving this overview will come from context gained in meetings attended and learning while performing short-term tasks from across the company. The program will also create opportunities for the CEO to develop relationships with team members across the company and to identify challenges and opportunities earlier. As an additional benefit, Shadows will often connect with one another, developing cross-functional relationships as a positive externality of the Program.

Benefits for the company

Apart from creating leadership opportunities, the CEO shadow program:

It is because of these additional benefits that the program is worth the extra overhead on the CEO and EBA team.


For now this role is called a CEO shadow to make it clear to external people why a shadow is in a meeting.

Other names considered are:

  1. Technical assistant. Seems confusing with executive assistant. "In 2003, Mr. Bezos picked Mr. Jassy to be his technical assistant, a role that entailed shadowing the Amazon CEO in all of his weekly meetings and acting as a kind of chief of staff. ".
  2. Chief of Staff. This commonly is the "coordinator of the supporting staff" which is not the case for this role since people rotate out of it frequently. The executive assistants reports to peopleops.
  3. Global Leadership Shadow Program is too long if only the CEO is shadowed.

Reasons to participate

What to expect (Preparation)

Things to Know

  1. This isn't a performance evaluation.
  2. You do not need to dress formally; business casual clothes are appropriate. For example, Sid wears a button up with jeans most days. GitLab shirts are acceptable when there aren't any external meetings.
    • Review Sid's calendar and be appropriately prepared if there is a formal occasions
    • If unsure, please ask the Executive Business Administrator (EBA) in the #ceo-shadow slack channel
  3. Bring comfortable shoes with you to Mission Control any time there are meetings in the city. Heels are not a good idea. Sid prefers to walk, even if his calendar says Uber.
  4. Review the CEO's calendar to get an idea of what your upcoming weeks will be like.
  5. Review and update the ongoing CEO agenda. This agenda contains TODOs, documentation items, training, and feedback information item and is in the CEO Shadow channel description on Slack.
  6. Plan to observe and ask questions.
  7. Give feedback to and receive feedback from the CEO.
  8. Don't plan to do any of your usual work. Prepare your team as if you were on vacation.
  9. Be ready to add a number of handbook updates during your shadow period.

Meeting attendance

You will attend all meetings of the CEO, including but not limited to:

  1. 1-1s with reports;
  2. Interviews with applicants; and
  3. Conversations with board members.

You will travel with the CEO to meetings, team off-sites, and conferences outside of San Francisco per the CEO's schedule. Executive Business Admin to the CEO will assist you with conference registration and travel accommodations during these time frames.

The CEO's Executive Business Admin will ask external people if they are comfortable with the Shadow joining prior to the scheduled meeting and will share a link to the CEO Shadow page to provide context.

Meeting agendas should be shared with, as shadows will be added to this email alias prior to the rotation and removed at the conclusion of it. For agendas that contain sensitive information, the sensitive information should be removed and the document shared with "View only" access to restrict access to the document's history. Not all agendas will be shared, though, and the CEO Shadows should feel empowered to ask for access if that is the case. Sometimes the answer will be no for sensitive reasons.

These meetings can have different formats:

  1. Video calls.
  2. In-person meetings.
  3. Dinners that are business related.
  4. Customer visits.
  5. Conferences.

You will not attend a meeting when:

  1. Someone wants to discuss a complaint and wants to stay anonymous.
  2. If any participant in the meeting is uncomfortable.
  3. If the CEO wants more privacy.

This is probably the most open program in the world. It depends on the participants respecting confidentiality, during the program, after the program, and after they leave GitLab.

Rotation rhythm

We want many people to be able to benefit from this program, therefore we rotate often. It is important that an incoming person is trained so that the management overhead can be light. Currently, a rotation is two weeks:

  1. See one, you are trained by the outgoing person.
  2. Teach one, you train the incoming person.

The shadow should be available for the full two weeks.

When the CEO has a week or more of paid time off or during Contribute the shadow program will pause, one shadow will "see one" before the break and "teach one" after the break. The rotations with breaks of one or more weeks without a shadow are great if you can't be away from home for more than one week at a time.

If you need childcare to be able to participate, GitLab will reimburse you for it.

This program is not limited just to long-term GitLab team members. For new team members, this might be the first thing they do after completing our onboarding. Exceptional community members may be able to participate, as well.


You are eligible to apply for the program if you have accepted an offer at GitLab as a:

  1. Director or up, Distinguished engineer or up, or Senior product manager or up.
  2. Manager or Staff engineer, if there is 1 consideration.
  3. Individual Contributor, if there are 2 considerations.

Considerations are cumulative and can be:

  1. You belong to an underrepresented group as defined in our referral bonus program.
  2. There is a last minute cancellation and you respond quickly.
  3. You are a recipient of GitLab’s Value Award of Transparency, Collaboration, Iteration, Efficiency, Results or Diversity at the most recent Contribute.

You're also eligible if you work(ed) as an investor or helped with an investment in GitLab in a private round.

How to apply

  1. Create a merge request to add yourself to the rotation schedule.
  2. Ask your manager to approve (but not merge) the merge request.
  3. Assign the merge request to the CEO, link it in the #ceo-shadow channel, and @mention the CEO and the Executive Business Admin supporting the CEO in the message.

Rotation schedule

Start date End date See one Teach one
2019-08-26 2019-09-06 No Shadow - Vacation No Shadow - Vacation
2019-09-09 2019-09-13 No Shadow - Conference No Shadow - Conference
2019-09-16 2019-09-20 Eric Brinkman - Director of Product JJ Cordz - Senior Marketing Operations Manager
2019-09-23 2019-09-27 Danielle Morrill - General Manager, Meltano Eric Brinkman - Director of Product
2019-09-30 2019-10-04 No Shadow - Vacation No Shadow - Vacation
2019-10-07 2019-10-11 Mek Stittri - Director of Quality Danielle Morrill - General Manager, Meltano
2019-10-14 2019-10-18 No Shadow No Shadow
2019-10-21 2019-10-25 Kyla Gradin - Mid Market Account Executive Mek Stittri - Director of Quality
2019-10-28 2019-11-01 Clement Ho - Frontend Engineering Manager Kyla Gradin - Mid Market Account Executive
2019-11-04 2019-11-08 Chenje Katanda - Support Engineer Clement Ho - Frontend Engineering Manager
2019-11-11 2019-11-15 AVAILABLE Chenje Katanda - Support Engineer
2019-11-18 2019-11-22 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE (2019-11-11 rotation)
2019-11-25 2020-01-03 No Shadow No Shadow
2020-01-06 2020-01-10 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
2020-01-13 2020-01-17 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
2020-01-20 2020-01-24 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
2020-01-27 2020-01-31 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
2020-02-03 2020-02-07 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE

If you have questions regarding the planned rotation schedule, please ping the Executive Admin to the CEO.

Training checklist

Outgoing shadows are responsible for training incoming shadows. Here's a list of things to make sure you cover:

  1. Mission Control location & WiFi.
  2. Set a meeting time and place for the incoming Shadow's first day. The Outgoing Shadow will give the Incoming Shadow access to Mission Control.
  3. At the start of the week, review the CEO's calendar. You will not be invited to each meeting, instead meetings that the shadows may not attend will have a seperate calendar entry on the CEO's schedule that states "No CEO Shadows". When in doubt, reach out to CEO Executive Business Admin to confirm if you should attend or not. There will be some meetings and events the Shadows do not attend.
  4. Discuss coordinating schedules and key access to avoid ringing the CEO.
  5. How to set up Mission Control for in-person meetings (Mission Control TV, answering the phone, greeting the guest).
  6. How to update the Mission Control TV screens.
  7. When to show up to Mission Control, getting to events, dinners, etc.
  8. How to set up a livestream. Make sure you are added as a co-host for any planned livestreams ahead of time.
  9. Ensure incoming Shadow has access to the CEO Shadow agenda and knows how to make changes to the handbook.
  10. The CEO's calendar is the single source of truth. Shadows should check the CEO calendar for updates often. Shadows are not invited explicitly to every event because that is too much work. Some events like calls with family members will say 'no shadows' to make clear the event isn't suitable for shadows.
  11. Because interviews are marked private (busy) for confidentiality reasons the Executive Assistant will invite Shadows to those events directly. As a result, you will get an email from Greenhouse asking for candidate feedback, which is not necessary.
  12. Access to the CEO Shadow Vault. If you do not have access, please ask the Executive Admin to the CEO for access.
  13. Show the incoming shadow Sid's office, the location of the printer, paper and, step ladder in the laundry.

What does a shadow do?


The value of the CEO shadow program is obtained via the broader context you will derive and the interesting conversations you will witness.

Since a rotation is over a short period there are no long running tasks that you can assume. However, there are many short-term administrative tasks you will also be asked to perform, for example:

  1. Make handbook updates (use the ceo-shadow label). Post the MR links in the #ceo-shadow Slack channel so the CEO knows they have been completed.
  2. Iterate and complete small tasks as they come up. Clear them out immediately to allow for rapid iteration on more crucial tasks. Communicate updates on those tasks in the #ceo-shadow channel.
  3. Solve urgent issues, for example a complaint from a customer or coordinating the response to a technical issue.
  4. Prepare for, take notes during and follow up on meetings.
  5. Compile a report on a subject.
  6. Write a blog post based on a conversation, something you learned, or your experience. These do not need to be approved by the CEO but he will happily review them if you'd like. Please see the blog handbook for information about the publishing process, and be sure to read previous CEO shadows' blog posts before you start writing to ensure that your post has a new angle.
  7. Ensure visual aids and presentations are visible to guests during in-person meetings
  8. Control slides and muting during the board meeting.
  9. Prepare for and receive guests at Mission Control
  10. Answer the phone and door at Mission control
  11. Do and publish a CEO interview.
  12. Improve and provide training to incoming CEO Shadows
  13. Speak up when the CEO displays flawed behavior.

Collecting and managing tasks

CEO Shadows maintain a GoogleDoc called "CEO Shadow Tasks". It is linked in the #ceo-shadow Slack channel description. Collect tasks using the first name of the shadow who captured it. Add at the end to indicate who will action it. Mark items that require a documentation update as DOCUMENT. Once those items have an open MR against them and have been posted in the #ceo-shadow mark them as REVIEW. Once those items are merged you should remove them from the GoogleDoc. Some items might also have headers of DISCUSS, IDEA, or TODO based off of the recommended 1:1 format.

Friendly competition

CEO Shadows label the handbook MRs they create with the ceo-shadow label. It's a point of competition betweeen CEO Shadows to try to best the previous shadows number of merge requests.

Email Best Practices

In order to ensure continuity across CEO shadow participants. Always, cc on emails as part of the program. This ensure that even after you've left the program the response and follow up can be tracked.

Follow activity from the CEO in Slack

Shadows are encouraged to follow the CEO's activity on Slack to gather a complete picture of his everyday engagements. Go to the Slack search bar and type "from:@sid" and it will populate the results.

Slack User Activity Follow Sid's Slack activity to follow his everyday engagements

Follow activity from the CEO in GitLab

Shadows are encouraged to follow the CEO's activity on GitLab to get additional details on where he directs his attention. This can be seen on the CEO's GitLab activity log.

GitLab Activity Log See what issues and MRs Sid is interacting with

Documentation focus

An ongoing shadow program with a fast rotation is much more time consuming for the CEO than a temporary program or a rotation of a year or longer. Therefore most organizations either have a shadow for two days or have someone for a year or more. We want to give many people the opportunity to be a shadow so we rotate quickly. To make this happen without having to invest a lot of time to train people coming in we need great documentation. Therefore a quick turnaround on documentation is of paramount importance. And the documentation will have a level of detail that isn't needed in other parts of the organization.

CEO shadow introductions

When introducing yourself in a meeting as the first shadow say:

When introducing yourself in a meeting as the second shadow say:

Meetings and Events

Meetings come in many different formats, and your responsibilities will change based on the kind of meeting.

In video calls, speak up when the CEO's camera isn't working or when the green screen isn't working correctly because of the sun angle.

Sun on Green Screen Zoom Issue

Company Call

CEO Shadows should attend the company call if the CEO does. When it comes time for the breakout call, CEO Shadows should attend their own breakout calls. You are encouraged to share your experience as a shadow with your breakout call groups while you are shadowing.

Participating in Media Briefings

CEO Shadows may be the point of contact for helping coordinate (not schedule) media briefings. Take initiative, for example finding a quiet space for the CEO to take the call, if it is done while traveling. When participating in media briefings, CEO Shadows are to act as silent participants, except when directly asked a question.

Attending in-person events with the CEO

When attending events with the CEO, keep the following in mind:

  1. Remind the CEO to bring extra business cards before leaving. And bring a few for yourself.
  2. When traveling to events on foot, CEO Shadows should take responsibility for navigating to the event.
  3. After a talk or panel, be ready to help the CEO navigate the room, particularly if there is a time sensitive obligation after the event.

The CEO often has work events that are also social events. In Silicon Valley, social and work are very intertwined. These mostly take the form of lunches or dinners. CEO shadows are invited unless otherwise specified, but there is no expectation or obligation to join, this is an optional part of the program.

Attending candidate interviews with the CEO

If the candidates consent, CEO Shadows will attend interviews performed by the CEO. When scheduling an interview with the CEO, the EBA to CEO will create a shared GoogleDoc for notes between the shadows and the CEO. The doc template can be found by searching "Notes Doc for Candidate Interviews" in Google Drive. If you have any questions, please @ mention the EBA to CEO in #ceo-shadow in slack This notes document is then added to the Scorecard for the candidate in GreenHouse. Shadows should ensure they mark comments they provide with their full name.

Mission Control Guide

Working from Mission Control

You are welcome to work from Mission Control but it is not required to be present in-person unless there is an in-person meeting, event, or dinner. It's up to you to manage your schedule and get to places on time. If you are traveling somewhere, meet the CEO at Mission Control at the beginning of the allotted travel time listed on the calendar.

If there is a day during your program where all meetings are Zoom meetings, you can work from wherever you want, as your normally would. You can work from Mission Control if you prefer. If you decide to split your day between remote work and working from Mission Control, make sure you give yourself enough time to get to Mission Control and set up for the guest. It's OK to join calls while mobile. In addition, feel free to coordinate or join a co-working day with GitLabbers in the Bay Area. To coordinate join the #loc_valley Slack channel.

Shadows are welcome at Mission Control from 7:30am until 6pm. Feel free to ask if you can stay later. Don't worry about overstaying your welcome, if Karen or Sid would like privacy they will ask you to leave explicitly.

One more thing: the cat feeder is automatic and goes off daily at 10:22am PT (as well as another time, it's a surprise!). No need to be alarmed by the metallic clanging sound.

Mission Control access

When entering the building, the doorperson may ask who you are there to see. Don't say "GitLab" since there is no GitLab office. The doorperson will direct you to the correct lobby.

While there are two sets of keys, it's worthwhile coordinating access to Mission Control with the outbound shadow on your first day. Meeting up on Sunday evening or, at a specific time on Monday morning. This will enable the incoming shadow to be introduced into Mission Control without impacting Sid and/or Karen.

Mission Control device setup

Configuring the screens

We have six monitors at Mission Control. They should be configured as follows:

Top Left
Top Middle
Stages from homepage
Top Right
Clari Sales Dashboard - This Quarter
Bottom Left
Category Maturity
Bottom Middle
Who we replace
Bottom Right
Clari Sales Dashboard - Next Quarter

To configure the sales dashboards:

  1. Go to Clari.
  2. Go To Pulse tab.
  3. Open the left side bar.
  4. Click on the funnel icon. Select “CRO”.
  5. Click on the gear icon. Go to Forecasting. Select Net IACV.

How to use keyboard and mouse to update screens

The wireless mouse and keyboard are connected to the bottom left TV by default because that one is visible from both sides of the conference table. To update the view on another TV, you have to connect the wireless keyboard and mouse to the desired screen. Afterwards don't forget to return it to the bottom left position for use during meetings.

  1. Find the USB jacks and Logitech receiver underneath the bottom, right TV (they're all labeled).
  2. Connect the Logitech receiver to USB receiver for the desired screen.
  3. To log into the chrome devices at Mission Control, use the login information in the "CEO Shadow Vault" in 1Password.


To screencast from an iPad or MacBook to the top left screen, switch the "Source" on the top left screen to "Apple TV" (HDMI 2).

Using the larger remote (with the white buttons), you can press the white, center button in the top row of buttons; this will bring up a list of sources. There is a direction pad on the remote towards the bottom that has < ^ > v buttons as well as the selection button in the center.


The printer at Mission Control is called HP Officejet Pro 8610 and is available over AirPlay/Wifi. The printer is located in Sid's office.


It can be difficult to troubleshoot Beamy remotely, so if there are issues, folks will ask the CEO Shadow/s to work to address them. A soft shut down should solve most problems, but sometimes you may need to do a full shut down. If this doesn't resolve the issue then, a motor controller board reset may be required. When that is the case, you can use the USB Keyboards for the Zoom TV for this purpose. The USB ports are on the bottom of the Beamy screen.

Zoom Room

Zoom Rooms is an application used for team members not in San Francisco to participate in meetings happening at Mission Control. There's a separate screen (the large one on wheels, not the beamy!), a Mac Mini and, iPad at Mission Control for this purpose. The Mac Mini is connected to HDMI1 on the screen and, the iPad operates as a remote control for Zoom Rooms.

  1. Setup
    1. Turn on the big screen on wheels.
    2. Turn on the Mac Mini.
    3. Start the Zoom Rooms application on the Mac Mini.
    4. If you have to log in or, provide a passcode, both are in the CEO Shadow Vault.
    5. Start the Zoom Rooms application on the iPad (you may need the passcode).
    6. If there's any problem connecting to the service, log out and back in. If that fails, contact the Executive Admin to the CEO.
  2. If you do not have the option to join a meeting on the iPad (It's in "Scheduling mode" - you don't have a "Meet Now" or "Join" button):
    1. Make sure Zoom Rooms on the iPad is logged in.
    2. Click the settings "gear" icon in the top right hand corner.
    3. Disable the "lock settings" option (you'll need the passcode).
    4. Tap on "Zoom Room Mission Control".
    5. Tap "Switch to Controller".
  3. If the Zoom Rooms app on the iPad is not connecting:
    1. Check the credentials for the Zoom Room in the CEO Shadow Vault. If unable to log in, please contact the Executive Admin to the CEO on slack.
    2. Log out of the Zoom Rooms app on the iPad.
    3. Log in using the PeopleOps Zoom account credentials in the CEO Shadow Vault.

The CEO Shadow is often responsible for handling the technical details of coordinating Zoom meetings. If using a webinar, you will need to be a co-host in order to promote folks to panelists for them to be able to verbalize their own questions.

Visitor prep

In preparation for guests (customers, investors, etc.) who will be meeting with the CEO or other team members at Mission Control, please note the following prior to the meeting start:

  1. All GitLab team-members sit on one side. This allows for easy communication with the guests.
  2. Set the lighting mode to 'Evening' - lighting controls are located next to the kitchen entrance.
  3. Have drinks from the fridge (on the tray) available on the table.
  4. Get the glasses from the cupboard above the coffee machine and place them next to the drink tray.
  5. Place the keyboard and the mouse (used for Mission Control screens) on the table.
  6. If someone is attending a meeting at Mission Control via Zoom Rooms:
    1. Follow the setup steps for Zoom Rooms.
    2. Move the screen to the head of the table.
    3. Click 'Join' in the Zoom Rooms menu and enter the meeting ID from the Google Calendar invite of the meeting in question.
    4. Once the meeting is loaded, click on the participants list and make sure that the iPad is visible from the table.
  7. A Shadow should meet guests at the elevator, greet them, and guide them to Mission Control.
  8. Once the meeting is over, a Shadow should escort the guests back to the elevator.

Mission Control FAQs

  1. Everything in the fridge that is liquid can be consumed including Soylent and alcohol.
    1. If the beverages are running low, check the top cupboard above the oven (next to the fridge).
    2. There's a step ladder in the laundry (last door on the left down the hall way)
    3. If the cupboard is also running low, reach out to the Executive Admin to the CEO with the list for restocking.
  2. Thermometer is located next to the kitchen entrance.
  3. Lighting controls are located next to the kitchen entrance, select 'Evening'.
  4. Coffee machine is located in the kitchen, coffee pods are in the drawer below the coffee machine.
  5. When joining a podcast in Zencaster, a microphone error can be avoided by leaving your microphone unmuted for the first 30 seconds / minute.
    1. Zencaster checks that your mic is working by recording audio so, muting the mic causes the error.
    2. The system check happens when you first load the page
    3. If you get the microphone error, reload the page and wait for the checks to finish before muting.

Expenses, travel and lodging


Lodging during the CEO shadow program is provided by the company. Executive Admin to the CEO books the accommodation based on availability and cost. You can express your preference (hotel or AirBnB) via email to the Executive Admin to the CEO in question, however the final decision is made by the Executive Admin based on the distance from CEO and costs. Executive Admin will provide the accommodation details no earlier than 1 month and no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled rotation.

Accommodation is provided only for the active shadowing period, it is not provided during the shadow program pause (cases when the CEO is unavailable). In case you are coming from a timezone that is more than 6 hours difference with Pacific Time, it is possible to book the weekend before the first shadow work day to adjust to the new timezone.


Airfare can be booked according to our travel policy or spending company money policy. In case your shadow rotation includes time without shadowing, it is possible to expense airfare to fly home and back within the continental USA. If you are from outside of the USA, it is also possible to expense airfaire during the time without shadow because of the possible high cost of lodging in San Francisco if you chose to stay at a different location.


Childcare is provided during the active shadowing period and will be reimbursed via your expense report. You must book the childcare yourself and it is advised you reach out far in advance as childcare "drop-ins" can be limited depending on the week. Currently, GitLab doesn't have a "Backup Care" program so you must tell the childcare it is for a "drop-in". Depending on your hotel accommodations, finding a nearby daycare is most convenient or a daycare nearby the Millennium tower. Some childcare facilities will require payment at end-of-day or end-of-week via cash/check only so request an invoice/receipt for expense submission purposes.

Past Childcare facilities that have been accommodating:

  1. Bright Horizons at 2nd Street - This facility is nearest the Courtyard by Marriott SF Downtown Hotel.

Suzy (the cat)

Please note that we have a cat named Suzy. It is a Russian Blue mix which is a hypoallergenic variety. If you're allergic to cats consider washing you hands after petting.

Suzy likes attention and will invite you to pet her. Please don't pet her after she meows since that reinforces the meowing which can be annoying during calls and the night. You can pick her up but she doesn't like it much and will jump out after about 30 seconds.


  1. Food Truck Stop
  2. La Fromagerie Cheese Shop
    • Mayank Tahil Favorite
  3. Sausilito Cafe
    • Tye Davis / Mayank Tahil / John Coghlan Favorite
  4. Uno Dos Taco
    • John Coghlan / Tye Davis / Mayank Tahil Favorite
  5. The Bird
  6. Joe & The Juice
  7. Cafe Venue
  8. Walgreens
  9. CEO's Favorite Restaurants


  1. Bluestone Lane
    • Tye Davis Favorite (AMAZING COFFEE) - long walk
  2. Starbucks

What is it like?

Prospective CEO shadows can read, listen and watch key takeaways from program alumni below.

  1. Day 2 of Erica Lindberg
  2. Acquisitions, growth curves, and IPO strategies: A day at Khosla Ventures
  3. GitLab CEO Shadow Update - May 30, 2019
  1. Key takeaways from CEO Shadow C Blake
  1. AMA with the CEO Shadow Alumni on 2019-08-23

CEO shadow program alumni and learnings

Start date End date Name Title Takeaways
2019-03 2019-04 Erica Lindberg Manager, Content Marketing CEO shadow learnings video
2019-04 2019-05 Mayank Tahil Alliances Manager  
2019-04 2019-05 Tye Davis Sr. Technical Marketing Manager Without a shadow of a doubt: Inside GitLab's CEO shadow program
2019-05 2019-06 John Coghlan Evangelist Program Manager 5 Things you might hear when meeting with GitLab's CEO
2019-06 2019-06 Cindy Blake Sr. Product Marketing Manager CEO shadow learnings video
2019-06 2019-06 Nnamdi Iregbulem MBA Candidate at Stanford University  
2019-06 2019-06 Clinton Sprauve PMM, Competitive Intelligence  
2019-06 2019-07 Lyle Kozloff Support Engineering Manager  
2019-07 2019-07 Marin Jankovski Engineering Manager, Deliver  
2019-07 2019-08 Danae Villarreal Sales Development Representative, West  
2019-08 2019-08 Daniel Croft Engineering Manager, Package GitLab, CEO Shadow August 2019 week one, mind blown
2019-08 2019-08 Emilie Schario Data Engineer, Analytics  
2019-08 2019-08 Kenny Johnston Director of Product, Ops