CEO Shadow program impressions and takeaways

Jul 8, 2020 · 6 min read
Wayne Haber GitLab profile

I participated in the CEO Shadow program in July of 2020. It was quite an exhilarating experience.

You will find below:

What did I do during the GitLab CEO shadow program?

Why should a GitLab team member apply to participate?

What are the key things I learned?

In one of the meetings, to paraphrase what someone learning about GitLab's culture said: You can't train people on a culture. You have to live it to learn it.

Our values guide our actions. Below are each of our values and what actions I observed that reinforced them.



Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging


Effective communication

Several topics were discussed asynchronously, especially in merge request threads and Google documents. Observing Sid in action employing effective communication reminded me of these principles:

Responding to feedback

Want to see some great examples? Look at Sid's responses in GitLab merge request comments, Hacker News threads, and Twitter replies.

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