Jun 29, 2016 - Robert Speicher  

GitLab 8.9.3 released

Learn more about GitLab Release 8.9.3 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE)

Today we are releasing version 8.9.3 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

This version resolves a number of regressions and bugs in the recent 8.9 release.

Please read on for more details.

  • EE: Roll back Grack::Auth to fix Git HTTP SPNEGO. (!504)
  • EE: Fix MR creation on fork of deleted project. (!503)
  • EE: Fix attr_encrypted in EE. (!502)
  • CE/EE: Fix encrypted data backwards compatibility after upgrading attr_encrypted gem. (!4963)
  • CE/EE: Fix rendering of commit notes. (!4953)
  • CE/EE: Resolve "Pin should show up at 1280px min". (!4947)
  • CE/EE: Switched mobile button icons to ellipsis and angle. (!4944)
  • CE/EE: Correctly returns Todo ID after creating Todo. (!4941)
  • CE/EE: Better debugging for memory killer middleware. (!4936)
  • CE/EE: Remove duplicate new page button from edit wiki. (!4904)
  • CE/EE: Use clock_gettime for all performance timestamps. (!4899)
  • CE/EE: Use update_columns to bypass all the dirty code on active_record. (!4985)
  • CE/EE: Reduce overhead and optimize ProjectTeam#max_member_access performance. (!4973)
  • CE/EE: Fixes missing avatar on system notes. (!4954)
  • CE/EE: Removed fade when filtering results. (!4932)
  • CE/EE: Fixed avatar alignment in new MR view. (!4901)

Upgrade barometer

This version does not include any migrations, and should not require any downtime.

Please be aware that by default the Omnibus packages will stop, run migrations, and start again, no matter how “big” or “small” the upgrade is. This behavior can be changed by adding a /etc/gitlab/skip-auto-migrations file.


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