Nov 28, 2017 - Winnie Hellmann  

GitLab Patch Release: 10.2.2

GitLab 10.2.2 patch release resolves a number of regressions and bugs in 10.2.1

Today we are releasing version 10.2.2 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Editions (EES, EEP).

This version resolves a number of regressions and bugs in this month's 10.2.0 release.

It includes the following fixes:

  • CE: Impersonation no longer gets stuck on password change (gitlab-ce!15497)
  • CE: Backport ability to enable/disable file attachments in issuable form (gitlab-ce!15433)

  • CE/EES/EEP: Lock codeclimate to version 0.69.0 in Auto DevOps template (gitlab-ci-yml!117)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bug in GcpClusters to Clusters::Cluster migration (gitlab-ce!15566)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Hide section_start and section_end in pipeline emails (gitlab-ce!15534)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix missing MR widget status icons (gitlab-ce!15533)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Use arrays in Ci::Pipeline#latest_builds_with_artifacts (gitlab-ce!15525)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix reply quote keyboard shortcut on MRs (gitlab-ce!15523)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix blank states using old css (gitlab-ce!15521)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Update composite pipelines index to include "id" (gitlab-ce!15519)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Use Redis cache for branch existence checks (gitlab-ce!15513)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix translation of TagsPage|Tags (gitlab-ce!15512)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix bitbucket wiki import with hashed storage enabled (gitlab-ce!15490)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix promoting milestone updating all issuables without milestone (gitlab-ce!15487)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Don't move project repository/attachments when using hashed storage (gitlab-ce!15479)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Add logs for monitoring the merge process (gitlab-ce!15425)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Make Issue Boards sidebar subscriptions async (gitlab-ce!15364 / gitlab-ee!3442)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Label addition/removal are not going to be redacted wrongfully in the API (gitlab-ce!15080 / gitlab-ee!3478)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Temporarily force disable prometheus metrics (gitlab-ce!15549)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Fix incorrect merge in GitLab QA entry page (gitlab-ce!15540)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Ignore hashed repos (for now) when using rake gitlab:cleanup:repos (gitlab-ce!15520)
  • CE/EES/EEP: FileUploader should use Hashed Storage only when project is migrated (gitlab-ce!15526)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Optimize read-only middleware so that it does not consume as much CPU (gitlab-ce!15504)
  • CE/EES/EEP: Mark all gitaly features as opt-in (gitlab-ce!15522)

  • EES/EEP: Account shared runner minutes to top-level namespace (gitlab-ee!3262)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Ensure that LFS object deletions are communicated to the secondary (gitlab-ee!3481)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Document a failure mode for large repositories (gitlab-ee!3500)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Move the primary node checkbox below the URL (gitlab-ee!3483)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Add hashed storage warning (gitlab-ee!3480)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Cap the retry_at value to prevent out of range timestamps (gitlab-ee!3461)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Fix in-progress repository syncs counting as failed (gitlab-ee!3424)
  • EES/EEP: Geo: Enable RequestStore in IssuesController spec to prevent N+1 warnings (gitlab-ee!3356)

Upgrade barometer

This version does not include any new migrations, and should not require any downtime.

Please be aware that by default the Omnibus packages will stop, run migrations, and start again, no matter how “big” or “small” the upgrade is. This behavior can be changed by adding a /etc/gitlab/skip-auto-migrations file, which is only used for updates.


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