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Automate build and test

With the GitHub integration, GitLab users can now create a CI/CD project in GitLab connected to an external or GitHub Enterprise code repository. This will automatically prompt GitLab CI/CD to run whenever code is pushed to GitHub and post CI/CD results back to both GitLab and GitHub when completed.

Who is GitLab CI/CD for GitHub for?

Open source projects

If you have a public, open source project on GitHub you can now take advantage of free CI/CD on As part of our commitment to open source, we offer all public projects our highest tier features (GitLab SaaS Ultimate) for free. While other CI/CD vendors limit you to running a handful of concurrent jobs, gives open source projects hundreds of concurrent jobs with 50,000 free compute minutes.

Large Enterprises

When we talk to our largest customers they tell us that they often have many teams using many different tools. They want to standardize on GitLab for CI/CD but code is stored in GitLab, GitHub, and other repos. This feature now allows enterprises to use common CI/CD pipelines across all of their different repos. This is a key audience and why we’ve made CI/CD for GitHub part of our self-managed Premium plan.

Anyone using

While GitLab is designed to use SCM & CI/CD in the same application, we understand the appeal of using GitLab CI/CD with GitHub version control. So, for the next year we are making the GitLab CI/CD for GitHub feature a part of our Free tier. That means anyone using GitHub from personal projects and startups to SMBs can use GitLab CI/CD for free. Starting at 400 free compute minutes, folks can also add their own Runners or upgrade plans to get more.

Gemnasium customers

We recently acquired Gemnasium. While we are super excited about having such a great team join our ranks, we also want to take care of folks that were using Gemnasium and provide them a migration path. We’ve already shipped Gemnasium features as part of our built-in security scanning. Now, GitLab CI/CD for GitHub allows Gemnasium customers that were using GitHub + Gemnasium to begin using GitLab CI/CD for their security needs without needing to migrate their code.

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With GitLab CI/CD for GitHub, users can create a CI/CD project in GitLab connected to an external GitHub code repository. This will automatically configure several components:

  • Pull mirroring of the repository.
  • A push webhook to GitLab triggers CI/CD immediately once a code is committed.
  • GitHub project service integration webhooks CI status back to GitHub.
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GitLab CI/CD for External Repositories

Not only does GitLab integrate with GitHub, but you can also run CI/CD from any external git repo from any vendor by adding a repo by URL to your project and configuring webhook. For example, you can configure Bitbucket to use GitLab CI/CD.

Read the documentation for GitLab CI/CD for external repositories.

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Plans and Pricing

GitLab CI/CD for GitHub is not priced separately, but comes bundled as a feature of GitLab's standard end-to-end product.

For self-managed installations, GitLab CI/CD for GitHub is available for customers with Premium and Ultimate license plans.

GitLab CI/CD for GitHub will be available promotionally in our Free tier through March, 22, 2020. (After March 22, 2020, this feature will move to the Premium tier and be available for users on Premium and Ultimate.)

Learn more about GitLab subscription options visit the pricing page.

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