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Scalable app deployment on Kubernetes made easy

Kubernetes is an open source project, originally created by Google, designed to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

With the GitLab Google Kubernetes Engine integration you simply connect to your Google account via Oauth and spin up deployment environments in a few clicks. Kubernetes clusters are created for you on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). GKE is fully managed so developers can focus on building apps instead of managing infrastructure. It’s the easiest way to deploy your app using GitLab CI/CD.

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A full DevOps tool for deploying on Google Cloud Platform

"At Loblaw Digital we rely on GitLab to build our services, package them as immutable images, and deploy them to GCP. Gitlab is the beating heart of our DevOps culture and helps us to reduce toil, increase happiness, and get sh!t done." – Justin Watts, Director, Productivity Engineering

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Auto DevOps, Deploy Boards, and more

GitLab CI/CD can deploy your app to anywhere, from bare metal to your favorite cloud platform. But, you’ll need a Kubernetes cluster to take advantage of advanced GitLab features like Auto DevOps, Deploy Boards, and Canary Deployments. You can connect GitLab to any Kubernetes cluster, but setting up and managing the cluster yourself takes time you’d otherwise spend building your app. With the GKE Integration we’ve made setting up Kubernetes simple. GitLab will create the cluster for you on Google Cloud Platform’s managed Kubernetes service: GKE. And because GKE uses the standard upstream Kubernetes source you can always port your applications to another platform without lock-in.

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Get up to $500 in free credit for Google Cloud Platform

Every new Google Cloud Platform account associated with your business email receives $300 in credit upon sign up. In partnership with Google, GitLab is able to offer an additional $200 for both new and existing GCP accounts to get started with GitLab’s GKE Integration.

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Live demo from Google and GitLab

In this webinar, Google’s William Denniss and GitLab’s William Chia give a walkthrough of the new Google Kubernetes Engine integration. You’ll learn how easy it is to set up a Kubernetes cluster, how to deploy your app using GitLab CI/CD, and how GKE enables you to deploy, update and manage containerized applications at scale.

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GitLab CI/CD

Install GitLab on Google Cloud Platform with a single click

Not only can you use GitLab to deploy your software to GKE, but you can run GitLab itself on your GKE cluster. GitLab is proud to be featured on the GCP Marketplace where you can install with a just single click. It's the easiest way to install GitLab.

Our GCP Marketplace app takes advantage of the GitLab Helm Chart, so the GCP Marketplace is always up-to-date with the latest version of GitLab. And, since GitLab is running on Kubernetes you get all the scale and stability advantages that come with it.

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GitLab is more than just source code management or CI/CD. It is a full software development lifecycle & DevOps tool in a single application.

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