Blog News Better together with GitLab and Google Cloud
Published on: August 29, 2023
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Better together with GitLab and Google Cloud

GitLab’s DevSecOps workflow now integrates with Google Cloud secure Artifact Registry, security scanning, and deployment toolchains.


Today, we are pleased to announce that Google Cloud and GitLab are partnering to integrate GitLab's unique capabilities with Google Cloud. This partnership will combine GitLab's source code management, planning, CI/CD workflow, advanced security, and compliance capabilities with the unified data plane in Google’s Cloud console and Artifact Registry.

We continually hear developers are frustrated with the increased complexity and security risk of having multiple point solutions in their DevSecOps toolchain. Our new integration will bring multiple tools together to allow them to be fully managed and cloud-hosted. The integration relieves operators of the duties typically associated with a self-hosted solution, such as applying patches and upgrades and then testing them to make sure things continue to work as expected. Developers will love that they are able to reduce the number of tools and cognitive load needed to develop and ship software faster, with security included from the start.

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Powering the DevSecOps lifecycle with scale and visibility

Google’s Software Supply Chain Security pairs with GitLab’s DevSecOps platform to provide system-wide governance and policy enforcement throughout the software development lifecycle.


The joint solution replaces a myriad of point solutions that are difficult to manage, maintain, and upgrade. The integration will enable customers to better leverage the benefits of GitLab’s unified DevSecOps workflow with native supply chain security capabilities from Google Cloud.

Seamless connections for security

Even before a developer writes any code, they will be able to easily access their GitLab project from the Google Cloud Console. Teams will be able to plan, create issues, and define epics all within GitLab, ensuring security is integrated from the start.

When code is ready to be pushed to production, the integration will enable easy registration and configuration of private Google Cloud-powered runners from within GitLab, then utilize CI/CD component templates for deploying to various Google Cloud resources like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Cloud Run.

One of the most exciting things for our customers' connected experience will be the ability to use Google’s Artifact Registry with GitLab’s pipelines and packaging to create a security data plane. In this view of the Google Artifact Registry, developers will be able to see a consolidation of security scanning results and the metadata from vulnerability reports in GitLab. A great example of how users will benefit is from having a SLSA-rated provenance telling users where and how software was built, a software bill of materials (SBOM) which provides transparency regarding the content of the software artifacts, and vulnerability impact information gated with Google’s Binary Authorization policies. Outputs from GitLab can be confirmed via attestation and signature such that packages can be prevented from running on a cluster if they do not satisfy the security or verification requirements.


"We are excited to expand our partnership with GitLab to provide our customers end-to-end software supply chain security that is easier and more accessible than ever before,” said Gabe Monroy, VP of Developer Experience at Google Cloud. “I am looking forward to more joint innovation with GitLab in the DevSecOps space with the goal of helping our customers deliver software more rapidly and with greater confidence."

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