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Product categories

Global Search is made up of two primary experiences, Basic Search and Advanced Search. Basic Search is the default search experience for self-managed users as well as Free users of It provides a way to search across the DevOps platform. Basic search includes Code Search for one project. Advanced Search in GitLab paid tiers, is a powerful search service that saves time when collaborating. Instead of creating potentially duplicate code, users can now search for code across multiple projects that they can re-use. GitLab leverages the search capabilities of Elasticsearch.

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Omnibus Package

Install a self-managed instance of GitLab using the Omnibus package.

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Cloud Native Installation

Install GitLab in a cloud native environment using Helm.

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Geo-replication provides an easily configurable, read-only mirror (we call it a Geo node) of a GitLab installation that is complete, accurate, verifiable and efficient.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) helps our customers fulfill their business continuity plans by creating processes that allow the recovery of GitLab following a natural or human-created disaster.

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