Regardless of your process, GitLab provides powerful planning tools to keep everyone synchronized.

Product categories

Issue Tracking

Plan, organize, and track project progress with issues, labels, weights (story points), milestones (sprints and releases), time tracking, due dates, and assignees using Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and other methodologies.

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Kanban Boards

Visually prioritize, manage, and track work execution with powerful and flexible kanban boards.

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Time Tracking

Estimate, track, and report on time spent on issues.

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Agile Portfolio Management

Plan and manage strategic portfolios, programs, and projects with multi-level work breakdown epics, roadmaps, and milestones.

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Requirements Management

Gather and manage the use cases and requirements to meet business objectives.

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Quality Management

Plan and track testing and quality of your product.

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Service Desk

Connect your team using GitLab issues, to external parties directly via email for feedback and support, with no additional tools required.

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