GitLab's integrated CI/CD allows you to ship code quickly, be it on one -or one thousand servers.

Product categories

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to a testing environment and/or a production environment after the build stage. Deploy to production many times daily with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment all in the same interface.

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Release Orchestration

Management and orchestration of releases-as-code that supports intelligent notifications, scheduling of delivery and shared resources, blackout periods, relationships, parallelization, and sequencing, as well as support for integrating manual processes and interventions.

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Use any static site generator to create websites that are easily managed and deployed by GitLab.

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Review apps

Get a full production like environment for every merge request that updates on each commit. See code running and enable user acceptance testing before you merge.

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Incremental Rollout

Mitigate the risk of production deploys by deploying new production code to small subset of your fleet and then incrementally adding more.

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Feature Flags

Feature flags enable teams to achieve CD by letting them deploy dark features to production as smaller batches for controlled testing, separating feature delivery from customer launch, and removing risk from the pipeline.

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