Create a consistent and dependable software supply chain with built-in universal package management.

Product categories

Container Registry

A secure and private registry for Docker images built-in to GitLab. Creating, pushing, and retrieving images works out of the box with GitLab CI/CD.

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Maven Repository

Our easy to use integration of Maven provides Java developers with a standardized way to share and version control Java packages across projects.

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NPM Registry

JavaScript developers need a secure, standardized way to share and version control NPM packages across projects. An NPM registry offers developers of lower-level services a way to publish their code that's built right into GitLab.

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Rubygem Registry

A Rubygem registry offers ruby developers an easy to use, built-in solution to share and version control ruby gems in a standardized and controlled way. Internally provisioning sets teams up for improved features around privacy and pipeline build speeds.

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Linux Package Registry

Linux distros depend on linux package regisitries for distribution of installable software. By supporting Debian and RPM we will cater to a large segment of our users and allow systems administration tasks to be brought in-house.

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Helm Chart Registry

Kubernetes cluster integrations can take advantage of Helm charts to standardize their distribution and install processes. Supporting a built-in helm chart registry allows for better, self-managed container orchestration.

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Dependency Proxy

The GitLab dependency proxy can serve as an intermediary between your local developers and automation and the world of packages that need to be fetched from remote repositories. By adding a security and validation layer to a caching proxy, you can ensure reliability, accuracy, and auditability for the packages you depend on.

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