Packaging GitLab for Fedora: A GSoC 2013 project

Axilleas Pipinellis ·
May 28, 2013 · 1 min read

Hi everyone!

It is with great excitement that I announce you the involvement of GitLab in this year's Google Summer of Code through the Fedora project.


My name is Axilleas Pipinellis, an undergraduate student from Greece. I study Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences in National and Technical University of Athens. You can read more info about me [here][aboutme].

My involvement with GitLab

I have been following GitLab since version 2 and have installed/deployed it several times since. Recently, I also started contributing some minor patches, mainly to the documentation. I have spent several hours contributing not only upstream but I also wrote a wiki article for Archlinux, as well as an installation script(needs refinement) and recently I gave a small talk in greek about GitLab during a hackfest.

About Fedora and the GSoC proposal

The thought of GitLab being packaged for Fedora and then deployed as an extra service for fedorahosted isn't new. It was also a proposed idea for GSoC 2012, but unfortunately it didn't get picked.

So, this year is the lucky one and the main plan is to package GitLab and all its dependencies in rpm format, first for Fedora and then for EPEL(RedHat, CentOS, etc). For a full view of my proposal see here and there is a post I made about this matter two months ago.

I believe this is a huge matter for both parties, as Fedora will be among the officially supported platforms and GitLab will benefit from one of the biggest open source communities.

Cheers to a fun and productive summer!

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