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Wrapping up GitLab Commit

Announcing $268 million in Series E funding

At GitLab Commit, our product roadmap, new partners, and a new milestone

How to get the most out of GitLab Commit

We're extending free usage of CI/CD for GitHub for another six months!

What we're doing to refine GitLab's product experience

Get a first look at the lineup for GitLab Commit London!

How we plan to build more observability tools on GitLab monitoring

Getting [meta] with GitLab CI/CD: Building build images

GitLab Commit: Hear how Delta Air Lines became truly cloud native

See who will be speaking at GitLab Commit!

A guide to GitLab’s soft landing acquisitions

Apply to speak at GitLab Commit!

Without a shadow of a doubt: Inside GitLab's CEO shadow program

What we're doing to beautify our UI

Why we're ending support for MySQL in 12.1

The secret to an enduring co-founder relationship? Have those crucial conversations

Announcing GitLab for DevSecOps

Write once, deploy anywhere: Containerized applications on modern serverless platforms

GitLab Ultimate is now available on AWS Marketplace

Salesforce developers can now use GitLab's single application for the DevOps lifecycle

A GitLab user’s guide to GitHub’s new features

GitLab named a ‘Visionary’ in 2019 Gartner Enterprise Agile Planning Tool Magic Quadrant

GitLab deploys into multiple clouds from kubectl using Crossplane

How we're building an award-winning culture at GitLab

Git ransom campaign incident report

Packaging now standard, dependency proxy next?

Repositories held for ransom by using valid credentials

GitLab’s journey from Azure to GCP

Run a consistent serverless platform with GitLab and Knative

Gemnasium: Our GitLab journey

The GitLab handbook by numbers

The industry is moving towards a single application for the DevOps lifecycle

Google Cloud Next: Doubling down on Kubernetes and multi-cloud

GitLab is named a Challenger in The Forrester Wave™: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2019

Acquisitions, growth curves, and IPO strategies: A day at Khosla Ventures

What to check out at Google Cloud Next 2019

Why GitLab CI/CD?

ZEIT launches Now for GitLab

Extending free use of CI/CD for GitHub on

What’s your plan?

Quantifying UX: How we validated the redesign of GitLab's settings pages

GitLab leads the industry forward with the CD Foundation

Install GitLab now with 1-Click Apps on DigitalOcean Marketplace

The CI/CD market consolidation

A statement on the acquisition of Travis CI by Idera

GitLab CI/CD's 2018 highlights

How we are iterating on Group Single Sign On for

2018: GitLab's year in review

GitHub now offers free private repos for up to three collaborators – here are our thoughts

We're making GitLab ChatOps available to everyone!

Introducing our Statement of Support

GitLab named a December 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Application Release Orchestration

Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 discontinued on and GitLab API on 2018-12-15

Announcing GitLab Serverless

Highlights from AWS re:Invent 2018

Crossplane lowers the barrier to a multi-cloud future

GitLab achieves AWS DevOps Competency certification

How we maintain product velocity with monthly releases

We're on target to discontinue support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 by end of 2018

How GitLab makes money

Help us shape the future of design discussion in GitLab

How do we handle engineering-led issues that don't belong to one team?

Why we use Ruby on Rails to build GitLab

2 Questions we ask UX designers in job interviews (and why)

GitHub Actions affirms all-in-one is eating the marketplace model

GitLab to deprecate support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 by end of 2018

Story time: The background to GitLab's product vision

This is what happens if you lose access to your 2FA account

GitLab's product vision for 2019 and beyond

Customer story: Driving better developer and customer experiences with a single application

GitLab's 2019 product vision for DevOps Create

Here's what went down at #GitLabLive

Announcing $100 million in Series D round funding led by ICONIQ Capital

Take GitLab Gold out for a test drive

Salani kakuhle (bye!) and thanks for a great summit in Cape Town!

Auto DevOps will be enabled by default as part of GitLab’s 11.3 release

4 Examples of MVCs with big results

Coming in 11.3: Seamless top-down and bottom-up planning with epics and roadmap

How to make remote internships successful

GitLab ranked 4th fastest-growing private software company on Inc. 5000 list of 2018's fastest growing companies

Google Next 2018 security track recap

GitLab a "Strong Performer" in The Forrester New Wave™ for Value Stream Management Tools, Q3 2018

How to keep your GitLab account safe (and accessible)

Thanks for all the feedback and interest in Meltano!

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - March 12th - 31st

4 ways to use GitLab Issue Boards

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - April

Hey, data teams - We're working on a tool just for you

Demo: GitLab + Jira + Jenkins

Google Next 2018 Recap

Install GitLab with a single click from the new GCP Marketplace

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - July

GitLab joins Cybersecurity Tech Accord

Netlify CMS launches support for GitLab

Thinking about moving to GitLab? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

Here's a little something for our longtime friends

Announcing GitLab one-click clone to Xcode

Simple deployment to Amazon EKS


Breaking change: Support for API v3 will be removed June 4

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - June

Join the GitLab Ultimate Early Adopter program by June 30

Join GitLab's June Issue Bash

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - May

New Terms of Service: Coming soon

New names for GitLab self-hosted pricing tiers

Merge requests are coming to your desktop with Tower

Telstra Ventures invests in GitLab to boost innovation and collaboration

GitLab + Google Cloud Platform = simplified, scalable deployment

GitLab’s Global Compensation Calculator: The next iteration

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - March 5th - 9th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: February 19th - March 2nd

GitLab's 2018 Product Vision: Prototype demo

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: February 1st - 16th

If you do business in Europe, you need to know about GDPR

Join GitLab's March Issue Bash

Have your say: Which AWS integration do you want?

Using GitLab to project manage home renovation priorities

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: January 3rd - January 31st

Gemnasium is joining the GitLab team

Announcing a more balanced Proprietary Information and Assignment Agreement

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: November 20th - December 8th

Join GitLab's December Issue Bash

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: November 6th - November 17th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: October 2nd - November 2nd

We're switching to a DCO for source code contributions

αντίο (Goodbye) and thanks for a great GitLab summit – Crete edition

We're coming to you live from Crete, at the GitLab Summit!

Complete DevOps is DevOps reimagined. Here's what that looks like

Announcing $20 million in Series C round funding led by GV to complete DevOps

Beyond CI/CD: GitLab's DevOps vision

GitLab Continuous Integration named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: September 19th - September 22nd

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: September 4th - September 15th

One step closer to DevOps success with GitLab + Tasktop

Unveiling GitLab's new navigation

Comparing confusing terms in GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab (2017)

VP of Scaling: What it is and how it works at GitLab

Introducing exclusive features to Bronze, Silver and Gold plans

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: August 22nd - August 30th

New email policy: Let us know if you want to hear from us!

There's a Zap for that. Automate your workflows with GitLab + Zapier

The evolution of the GitLab Issue Board

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: August 14th - August 18th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: July 31st - August 10th

Join GitLab's September Issue Bash

Let's talk swag

Demo: Turn-key Kubernetes with

GitLab's Functional Group Updates: July 3rd - July 26th

You asked, you got it: GitLab Power-Up comes to Trello

Turn-Key GitLab Enterprise Kubernetes clusters, backup, trusted charts — all in less than 10 minutes

There and back again in one release

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - June 19th - June 29th

GitLab was at VueConf 2017!

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - June 13th & June 15th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - June 5th - June 9th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - May 30th - June 2nd

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - May 16th - May 26th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - May 9th - May 12th

Join GitLab's 3rd Issue Bash this June

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - April 24th - May 5th

Come see us at OSCON and GitLab training in May

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - April 10th - 20th

How GitLab boosts collaboration through visibility, accountability, and measurement

Introducing paid subscriptions on

Announcing the new Community Writers program

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - March 27th-30th

GitLab in action: Part 2

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - March 13th - 23rd

How is team-member-1 doing?

Gitter is joining the GitLab team

Axosoft launches GitKraken integration with GitLab

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - March 6th - 9th

GitLab's Functional Group Updates - Feb 21-28

GitLab's Functional Group Updates

Our retrospectives and kickoffs are now public

Join GitLab's March Issue Bash

Postmortem of database outage of January 31

GitLab Mexico Summit 2017

Around the world in 6 releases

Frontend functional group update

GitLab 2016 year in review

Tower launches GitLab integration on Windows

Functional Group Update: Product

Prometheus and GitLab

How to prepare for a virtual interview at GitLab

How to evaluate GitLab during an EE trial

Expanding our Enterprise offering: Announcing GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium

GitLab at DOES San Francisco 2016

How to explain GitLab to anyone

Join our December Issue Bash

Customer Story: GitLab adoption growing at CERN

Customer Story: Data startup Cognitive Logic talks migrating to GitLab

Introducing Review Apps

When software eats software, plus our recap from Web Summit 2016

Track your time in the same tool you do your work

GitLab UX update

Why we chose GitLab CI for our CI/CD solution

GitLab reinstates list of servers that have malware

YC application office hours

GitLab's Application for Y Combinator Winter 2015

GitLab World Tour: Amplify Your Code

Feature Highlight: Cycle Analytics

Feature Preview: Introducing Cycle Analytics

Announcing GitLab + Mesosphere: Five Reasons You Should Be Excited About This Integration

GitLab Live Event Recap

GitLab Master Plan

Live Event: Unveiling the GitLab Master Plan

Resolving Merge Conflicts from the GitLab UI

Feature Highlight: Designing Issue Boards

Announcing The GitLab Issue Board

Applying GitLab Labels Automatically

Feature Highlight: Set Due Dates for Issues and Create Milestones

August Events

Koding + GitLab: Contribute code faster

July Events

Support for Universal 2nd Factor Authentication

Navigation redesign

Meet GitLab - June Events

Celebrating 1000 Contributors

The future of SaaS hosted Git repository pricing

Meet GitLab - Upcoming Events May Edition

GitLab 8.7 Release Webcast Recording and Slides

Webcast Recording and Slides: Getting started with CI in GitLab

GitLab Partners with DigitalOcean to make Continuous Integration faster, safer, and more affordable

Meet GitLab - Upcoming Events

Join us for a live tutorial about GitLab CI

GitLab Looked at the Fair Source License

GitLab Enterprise Edition price change

GitLab Intro Webcast: Workflow

Feature Highlight: Todos

GitLab Swag Shop is Open!

GitLab 8.5 Release Webcast and step-by-step GitLab workflow

Rails Girls Summer of Code 2016

GitLab Sponsors Apple TV App Challenge by Applovin

Join us for a Tour of GitLab 8.5

GitLab Offer Sponsorship of $500 for Diversity Events

50th release party

Call For Writers

Our first webcast and our 50th release

Feature Highlight: WIP

How to see into the future at GitLab

GitLab's 50th Release Happy Hour

Big changes coming to GitHost

GitLab <3 Ruby Together

Improving Open Development for Everyone

GitLab switches to Piwik analytics to free the JavaScript

Announcing Git LFS Support in GitLab

GitLab + Tower = A Most Efficient Setup

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile for GitLab EE

One Million Downloads of GitLab

GitLab OSCON Challenge 2015

Perforce launches GitSwarm based on GitLab

GitLab announces $4M series A funding from Khosla Ventures

A grant to help us integrate GitLab with open source OSF outage on 2015-09-01

GitLab Mattermost, an open source on-premises Slack alternative

Towards a production quality open source Git LFS server

1.5M raised in seed funding for GitLab to accelerate growth and expand operations

Our new logo

GitLab now operating as US corporation and Logjam

Feature Highlight: Approve Merge Request

Changes to Enterprise Edition subscription pricing

Did you install GitLab from source? Check your Git version

Note on license expiration in GitLab 7.10.5 EE

GitLab subscription terms have changed

Security advisory for Logjam vulnerability

GitLab, Gitorious, and Free Software

A new GitLab Logo

Why we're replacing GitLab CI jobs with .gitlab-ci.yml

Unofficial runner becomes official one

GitLab on Debian 8

GitLab acquires GitHost, a managed cloud service for GitLab

GitLab on YouTube

Bitbucket vs.

GitLab not affected by Redcarpet XSS vulnerability storage limit raised to 10GB per repo

GitLab WANdisco Webinar

Farewell Google Code. Hello

GitLab featured on

GitLab AMI

GitLab is part of the Y Combinator family

GitLab acquires Gitorious to bolster its on premises code collaboration platform

We're doing a live Git and Gitlab Workshop

GitLab Annex solves the problem of versioning large binaries with git

Douwe joins GitLab as a Developer

Stop waiting for your tests by making them 3x faster

Responding to Ghost

GitLab Community Forum

The hardware that powers 100,000 git repositories

GitLab got bit: MySQL fails at Rails migrations that work in PostgreSQL

GitLab not affected by Git vulnerability CVE-2014-9390

3 reasons why GitLab is not vulnerable to the Gollum vulnerability and 1 tip

GitLab not affected by Rails vulnerability CVE-2014-7818

Patricio Joins GitLab as Junior Service Engineer

Letter from shareholders

Valery joins GitLab

GitLab welcomes first North American employee

WANdisco integrates GitLab Enterprise Edition in their Git MultiSite offering

Feature Highlight: Branded login in GitLab Enterprise Edition

GitLab on Google Compute Engine and CentOS 7

GitLab not affected by Rails vulnerability CVE-2014-3514

Feature Highlight: LDAP Integration

GitLab not affected by Rails vulnerability CVE-2014-3483 now runs GitLab Enterprise Edition

10k commits

Subscriptions update: Students do not count as GitLab users anymore

GitLab Cloud becomes

Installing a packaged GitLab with GitLab Omnibus screencast

Testdriving GitLab

Moving to

Adding a SSH key to GitLab Screencast

Getting started with Git and Gitlab Screencast

Markdown newline behaviour

GitLab is now simple to install

GitLab Enterprise Edition license change

Job van der Voort joins Gitlab as Junior Service Engineer

GitLab book

Hosting GitLab on GitLab

GitLab High Availability Solutions

Marc Radulescu joins GitLab as an account manager

GitLab in the Changelog

GitLab Cloud upgraded to 5.3

Jacob Vosmaer joins as a senior service engineer

Integrating GitLab CI with GitLab to enable distributed builds

GitLab Cloud upgraded to 5.2

GitLab is a Google Summer of Code project

Packaging GitLab for Fedora: A GSoC 2013 project

GitLab Cloud is now running on 5.1

Donations large and small

Pricing for announced, 10 users are free and no change until July upgraded to GitLab 4.1

Dmitriy Zaporozhets joins as a co-founder

Continuous integration server from GitLab

Terms of use for now online

Your thoughts on pricing

Over half of the beta signups have access

More invites send out

Gitlab improvements

Next 100 people got access

First 10 people got access

Welcome Marin is now

Install Gitlab on AWS with a single script

More than 500 people signed up

Initial announcement

GITLAB Wallpaper

Merge Request improved

Network Graph Keyboard navigation

We've started donation campaign

Migrating to mysql

Diagnostic tool

Design changes

Useful Dashboard - first try

New access privilege

New commit show page

Merge Requests v1

Issues become simpler

Dark colors for code review

Issue prototype:

New feature: Project Activities

New feature: network graph

Install guide from Ryan Wersal

New design is coming