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Published on: June 14, 2023
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Our Privacy Policy has been updated

Our updated Privacy Policy clarifies our existing data processing activities.


As part of our commitment to keeping our policies current, we made some updates to our Privacy Policy on June 14, 2022. These updates are intended to clarify our existing data processing activities and to provide information on processing that may derive from new features. Through this update, we continue to provide transparency to our data processing activities, in line with an evolving privacy landscape. Specifically, these policy updates include the following:

  • Clarification about which processing activities apply to each respective GitLab product;
  • Information about when personal data may be collected to verify someone’s identity to enable certain product features;
  • Clarification about what personal data is collected to provide a license and maintain a subscription;
  • Additional information regarding our Service Usage data collection practices, and the inclusion of certain processing activities, such as Event Analytics and Call Recordings;
  • Additional information regarding the purposes for which personal data is collected;
  • Minor updates regarding our legal basis for processing your personal data in the European Union;
  • Updates to our data retention practices for inactive accounts;
  • Clarification about how to delete your personal data at GitLab and how deletion is effectuated for public projects;
  • An additional notice that details our processing and your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, including CCPA metrics reporting;

Overall, we believe that these updates will empower our users to make informed decisions about their personal data. Please visit the complete text of our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to learn more about how GitLab processes personal data and your rights and choices regarding such processing.

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