Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile for GitLab EE

Nov 3, 2015 · less than 1 minute
Tanuki GitLab profile

Today we're excited to announce the Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile for GitLab Enterprise Edition. With this partnership, developers will be able to easily deploy GitLab as a pre-configured appliance using Ops Manager (BOSH) for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

About the tile

With the GitLab tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, deploying GitLab is a matter of clicking 'Install'.

GitLab Tile in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

GitLab on PCF will run highly available by default and can be scaled up easily by changing a single value.

Scale up GitLab by changing a single value

Further configuration of GitLab can be done fully within the Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment.

Configure GitLab in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Configure GitLab's Redis in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

As enterprise developers seek more control of their development toolkit, this partnership will allow their development to be more customizable, more integrated, and more secure.

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