Rails Girls Summer of Code 2016

Yorick Peterse ·
Feb 23, 2016 · 2 min read

We're delighted to announce that GitLab Community Edition has been accepted as a project for the upcoming Rails Girls Summer of Code. Students will be working on improving GitLab not only for GitLab.com but for all GitLab users, be it individuals or large corporations such as SpaceX, NASA, CERN, and IBM. A regular release interval means changes made by students will be available quickly, instead of waiting in a queue for months.

To make it easier for beginners to start certain issues are tagged with the "up-for-grabs" label. This label is used whenever an issue is easy enough for a beginner to work on. Other tasks may be worked on as well depending on the amount of work, time, and experience of the students.

To ensure enough coaches are available we're aiming to have at least 2 coaches per student, ideally as close to the students as possible. However, the logistics surrounding this won't be finalized until we know more about the location of the students. I myself have coached Rails Girls teams in the past and will be helping out this year as well.

Students are expected to have basic knowledge of both Ruby and Git. Coaches will help students with GitLab specifics such as setting up GitLab Community Edition.

The preferred location for students would be either the Americas or Europe as the coaches involved are based in these continents. Students based in (or close to) Amsterdam, The Netherlands will also have the ability to meet with coaches in person if needed.

Students interested in working on GitLab should take a look at the Rails Girls Summer of Code project page as well as the "Application Guide". Those interested in helping out as a coach can take a look at the "Becoming a Coach" guide.

Support Rails Girls Summer of Code

We're also proud to be sponsors of this year's Summer of Code. Those interested in sponsoring this year's Summer of code as well should take a look at the crowdfunding campaign which is now open!

The money raised by this campaign is used to help support teams and participants with full time scholarships.

Rails Girls Summer of Code

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