GitLab 8.5 Release Webcast and step-by-step GitLab workflow

Heather McNamee ·
Feb 26, 2016 · 2 min read

In our latest webcast, we highlighted the new features in GitLab 8.5. This was a really feature-packed release.

Job van der Voort gave a step-by-step tutorial of a workflow with GitLab. This highlighted some of the new features in the context of collaboration. If you're brand new to GitLab this is a quick introduction to how it works.

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In this webcast:

Webcast Recording

Webcast Slides

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Job van der Voort, VP of Product will be presenting with Matt Attaway, VP of Community from Perforce. They will discuss managing Git teams/projects; issue tracking & wikis; integrating CI into dev; integration testing and advantages of the mono repo.

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Feedback welcome!

There were lots of feature proposals in the Q+A this time. We couldn't address them all, but if you do have a feature proposal, please check out the project tracker for GitLab CE or GitLab EE, and see if someone has already posted a similar idea. You can vote on feature proposals which you like, and that helps us prioritize. If you don't find an existing proposal, please add one!

We develop completely in the open so if you want to know how to find out what we're working on and planning, check out my post about locating issues and finding the roadmap of development at GitLab.

You can of course leave comments, attendees of the webcast will receive a survey form via email.

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