Blog Engineering How to Set Up a GitLab Instance on Microsoft Azure
July 13, 2016
1 min read

How to Set Up a GitLab Instance on Microsoft Azure

Learn how to set up a GitLab Instance on Microsoft Azure with this tutorial


Note: This article has been moved to our documentation so it can be more easily updated. We recommend using the Azure installation documentation.

GitLab is a scalable, self-managed Git repository "ecosystem". It is available as a free [Community Edition][ce] and as a subscription-based [Enterprise Edition][ee]. If you want to host your own full-featured source control system, under your control, then you should consider GitLab. Spinning up your own instance can be done in just a few hours using the Omnibus packages.

But what if you don't want to invest that much time to see if GitLab is for you? Does Linux scare you? Do you want to try GitLab quickly without a big up-front investment? Need someone else to handle your GitLab administration? [Microsoft Azure] may be the answer.

Note: we assume you are familiar with GitLab and you wish to have your own GitLab instance on-premises, working in a Virtual Machine.

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