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July 26, 2016
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Koding + GitLab: Contribute code faster

Koding and GitLab are integrated to make contributing code faster!


Today, developers spend hours creating dev environments before they can write a single line of code. We think that's backwards. Development is collaborative and most developers work across a variety of environments so the time spent building unique dev environments builds up pretty quickly. With Koding and GitLab, developers never have to waste time on this again.

Our vision

Our vision is that developers should be able to contribute code faster with one-click to build every project, issue, and merge request in a complete IDE. Koding makes it so much easier to get started. If you see an issue you want to work on, it only takes one-click to build an environment where you and your team can work together. You don’t have to configure anything locally, you can just start coding. With Koding and GitLab, teams will be able to work together seamlessly by having every GitLab repo buildable on any cloud. You can get started as a contributor, check out merge requests, and inspect failing tests faster and easier than ever. Our hope is that removing the burden of building dev environments will help developers collaborate on more projects and focus on writing code that will improve their products.

Faster from idea to production

At GitLab, we want to enable teams to go faster from idea to production by using one integrated set of tools for the software development lifecycle. We see a world where you chat about something, turn that idea into an issue without leaving the chat interface, spin up an IDE to work on the issue, commit your changes, run tests with GitLab CI, let peers review and edit your code, and once it’s ready you can deploy to the necessary environment. Then after you’ve deployed to production, you’ll be able to review how your team progressed from idea to production. This final step is important feedback to help you improve the development process by understanding the overall health of your project as well as the time spent in each stage. We are working on an updated video to show you all of the steps I’ve just shared. In the meantime, watch our current demo and tell us what you think.

What's next

Both GitLab and Koding are excited about what we have coming with our integration. We hope to deliver the first iteration in our next release on August 22nd. If you're interested in learning more or you want to share your ideas, check out this issue that details more of our plans.

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