Live Event: Unveiling the GitLab Master Plan

Ashley Smith ·
Sep 7, 2016 · 2 min read

TL;DR: GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij unveiled the      GitLab Master Plan      during a special live event. Watch the recording and download the slides here!

The world of software development is changing.

More companies are joining the open source world due to improved efficiency, interoperability, and innovation. Developers' roles are shifting away from specialized functions and moving toward a unified management process, accessible to their entire team with as little external integrations as possible.

These changes in the way we work have presented new challenges for modern development teams. With the entire team more aware of each step in the development process — from solving bugs to creating innovative features — teams need a better way to work together. By putting conversations first and integrating chat into our platform, we can eliminate dozens of external toolsets, understand ourselves better, and achieve desired results in shorter time. This is what efficiency is all about.

GitLab vision

The need to track the full path of development in a cohesive and intuitive way has already started to make room for new, modern development tools and practices that foster collaboration and information sharing across the entire lifecycle of a project.

At GitLab, our vision is to allow everyone to collaborate on all digital technologies so people can cooperate effectively to achieve better results. It's our mission to make collaboration seamless so you can work faster, innovate better, and have more fun while doing it. We believe that to deliver more relevant functionality with higher quality, the effort required to get the job done must be reduced. To get there, we are working on solutions to go faster from idea to production.

After the success of the GitLab Issue Board, a solution for better planning within the GitLab UI, we are working on having all 10 solutions ready to go for the GitLab community.

This is why we hosted a special, live event with GitLab’s CEO, Sid Sijbrandij. During the event, Sid shared the GitLab Master Plan, and demoed our advanced workflow for modern software production using Conversation Driven Development (CDD).

Everyone is invited to tune in, encouraged to ask questions, express opinions, and share ideas with us. At GitLab, everyone can contribute!

Watch the Recording

Watch the recording of this special event.

Watch until the end to catch the Q&A session with Sid, CEO, Job van der Voort, VP of Product, myself, Chief Marketing Officer, and guest MC Community Extraordinaire Jono Bacon.

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