13.0 Contributor Experience Update

Patrick Deuley, Taurie Davis Β·
Jun 1, 2020 Β· 3 min read

The Ecosystem group is the home of the Pajamas Design System and the GitLab Development Kit. Our job is to help you as a contributor work on GitLab, whether that's writing backend code, creating awesome new features in our UI, or testing feature branches to validate new work that's about to go in.

This is a collection of all the updates from the last month, including changes to Pajamas, new components in GitLab UI, new icons, new commands in the GDK, and more! Check it out below, and as always, please feel free to send us issues for new things we could improve or add. You can also find us in #g_ecosystem (for general inquiries), #g_manage_foundations (for Pajamas and GitLab-UI), or #gdk. πŸŽ‰


Usage guidelines

Check out the changelog for more improvements.

GitLab UI

Component updates

Check out the changelog for more improvements.

Figma migration






The cover image was created by our own Jeremy Elder, and a full-res version is available for your desktop.

β€œTons of new updates for @gitlab contributors! New components in Pajamas, better docs in GDK, and more!” – Patrick Deuley, Taurie Davis

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