Action we've taken in response to a potential Okta breach

Mar 22, 2022 · 2 min read
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The GitLab Security team is investigating and monitoring the situation surrounding a possible breach on the Okta platform to determine if there are any potential security issues that could have impacted GitLab or our users. At this time, no malicious activity, exploitation, or indicators of compromise have been identified on

How GitLab uses Okta

GitLab uses Okta as a single-sign-on solution for access to various SaaS applications.

Actions we have taken

Our teams are continuing to investigate this situation for possible security issues that may impact our product and customers. If we discover that either our product or customers are at risk, we will update this blog post and notify users via a GitLab security alert.

Users can sign up to receive security alerts and notifications via email on our Contact Us page. If you've got a security question or concern, review how to contact our Support team.

“Actions @Gitlab has taken to investigate a potential Okta breach.” – GitLab

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