Contribute to GitLab

Tutorial: Make a GitLab Contribution

Follow this tutorial for contributing to the development of GitLab.

Learn how to configure the GitLab Development Kit, make code updates, push changes to the community fork, and create a merge request.

Contribution Guidelines


Add features, fix bugs, help with reviews, and more. You don't need to know how to write code to contribute.

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From fixing typos to rewriting pages, anyone can contribute to the GitLab documentation.

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Join the 1,500+ community members who translate GitLab into more than 35 languages.

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UX Design

Help make GitLab easy to use for a diverse group of people. Propose features, fix design bugs, and enhance code.

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Help grow a community where everyone can contribute. Learn about public outreach, blogging, and running community meetups.

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Project Templates

Create default templates, repositories, and CI/CD pipeline definitions. Help others around the world get started more quickly.

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Pair with Other Contributors

Weekly community pairing sessions are scheduled in the GitLab Virtual Community Events Meetup group, and ad-hoc sessions can be requested in #contribute or #pairing channels on Discord.

Subscribe and check out the pairing sessions on the Community Coders for GitLab YouTube channel. Turn on desktop notifications to be notified and jump in when pairing sessions start.

Get Help

If you need any help while contributing to GitLab:

  1. If you need help with a merge request or need help finding a reviewer:
    1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help by typing @gitlab-bot help in a comment.
    2. Find reviewers and maintainers of Gitlab projects in our handbook and mention them in a comment.
  2. Join the community on the GitLab Community Discord and find other contributors in the #contribute channel or initiate a mentor session.
  3. For any other questions or feedback on contributing:
    1. Ping @gitlab-org/developer-relations/contributor-success in a comment on your merge request or issue.
    2. Feel free to make a new issue with the Contributor Success team sharing your experience.
  4. Did you run out of compute minutes for your GitLab merge requests? Join the GitLab community forks project.

Everyone Can Contribute

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging is one of our values. We want to create a welcoming community for every contributor. Please visit our Code of Conduct page to learn more about our commitment to an open and welcoming environment.

All contributions to GitLab are subject to the DCO or a CLA. More on the GitLab DCO and CLA.

You can see the wider community contribution data in our community dashboard.

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