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  • Free subscribers can use the Support Forum if they have questions.
  • If you purchase Bronze Support you can email support directly for timely, personal and private answers. This costs $9.99 per user per year for next-business-day response time and is available in packs of 20 users.

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Unlimited private and public repositories
Unlimited private collaborators
Next-business day support

$9.99 per user, per year in multiples of 20 users

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Availability and Security

  • is monitored 24/7. For updates follow @gitlabstatus or see our status page.
  • These are the fingerprints for's SSH host keys:
    • DSA
      • MD5:7a:47:81:3a:ee:89:89:64:33:ca:44:52:3d:30:d4:87
      • SHA256:p8vZBUOR0XQz6sYiaWSMLmh0t9i8srqYKool/Xfdfqw
    • ECDSA
      • MD5:f1:d0:fb:46:73:7a:70:92:5a:ab:5d:ef:43:e2:1c:35
      • SHA256:HbW3g8zUjNSksFbqTiUWPWg2Bq1x8xdGUrliXFzSnUw
    • ED25519
      • MD5:2e:65:6a:c8:cf:bf:b2:8b:9a:bd:6d:9f:11:5c:12:16
      • SHA256:eUXGGm1YGsMAS7vkcx6JOJdOGHPem5gQp4taiCfCLB8
    • RSA
      • MD5:b6:03:0e:39:97:9e:d0:e7:24:ce:a3:77:3e:01:42:09
      • SHA256:ROQFvPThGrW4RuWLoL9tq9I9zJ42fK4XywyRtbOz/EQ
  • Our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, and Azure, we use configuration management, and we patch our servers at least once a week. Our runbooks are public as is our operational issue tracker .
  • GitLab offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), rate limiting, audit logs, and passwords are one-way encrypted.
  • sends emails from the domain via Mailgun and has its own dedicated IP address for this:
  • can't be integrated with your LDAP server, if you need this please host GitLab yourself. or use our service.

Plenty of import options

  • You can easily import all of your projects, repositories and issues from GitHub with a single click.

Why will be free forever

We want to become the most popular service for hosting projects. To achieve this goal, is free, both for public and private projects. Unlike other companies in this space, there is no limit to the number of collaborators. We think that in the future most repository hosting will be free in the same way email hosting is free today. So we thought, why wait? Let's make it free for everyone now. Our subscriptions for GitLab EE on-premises bring in more than enough revenue to pay for the hosting of The revenues from EE and EE options are growing fast enough to keep up with the growth in usage. We see as a way to make GitLab more known and popular. In the future we might introduce paid features like projects sizes above 10GB and Windows/OSX CI Runners. We intend to keep the features that you have now free and monetize only new features.

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