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Support Package

  • Free users can use the Support Tracker if they have questions.
  • Users can upgrade to Premium Support and receive 24/7 emergency support, a dedicated service engineer, live upgrade assistance, and more. Premium Support is an investment of $99 per user, per year with a minimum of 100 users.

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Unlimited private and public repositories
Unlimited private collaborators
Support via the forum
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Premium Support

Unlimited private and public repositories
Unlimited private collaborators
24/7 emergency support
Training workshops
Dedicated service engineer
Live upgrade assistance
Support for High Availability
$99 per user, per year with a minimum of 100 users
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Availability and Security settings

For information like fingerprints of's SSH host keys and settings of GitLab Pages, CI, Runners, etc., see the separate settings page.

Plenty of import options

You can easily import your projects from GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code, Fogbugz, any Git repository by URL, or import an exported GitLab project.

See our documentation for all your import options.

Why will be free forever

We want to become the most popular service for hosting projects. To achieve this goal, is free, both for public and private projects. Unlike other companies in this space, there is no limit to the number of collaborators. We think that in the future most repository hosting will be free in the same way email hosting is free today. So we thought, why wait? Let's make it free for everyone now. Our subscriptions for GitLab EE on-premises bring in more than enough revenue to pay for the hosting of The revenues from EE and other Products are growing fast enough to keep up with the growth in usage. We see as a way to make GitLab more known and popular. In the future we might introduce paid features like projects sizes above 10GB and Windows/OSX CI Runners. We intend to keep the features that you have now free and monetize only new features.

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