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Technical Writing Team

About Us

The primary goal of the Technical Writing team is to continuously develop GitLab's product documentation content to meet the evolving needs of all users and administrators.

Documentation is intended to educate readers about features and best practices, and to enable them to efficiently configure, use, and troubleshoot GitLab. To this end, the team also manages the site and related process and tooling.

Our team comprises:

Technical writers partner with anyone in the GitLab community who is concerned with documentation, especially developers, who are typically the first to update docs for the GitLab features that they code.

The technical writing team Slack channel is #docs-team and technical writers are also active in the larger #docs channel (both private to GitLab Inc.).


Technical writers:

For more information on documentation at GitLab, see:


The team is broadly responsible for the following at GitLab.



Documentation Site ( including maintaining and enhancing the documentation site’s:


Documentation Process, including:


Collaboration, including:

This work is sorted into the top-level Documentation epics linked above.


Technical writers (aka "TWs" or "docs team") are assigned to and collaborate with other teams and groups as described in the DevOps stages and other subjects according to the tables below.

Designated technical writers

The designated technical writer is the go-to person for their assigned stage groups. They collaborate with other team members to plan new documentation, edit existing documentation, review any proposed changes to documentation, suggest changes to the microcopy exposed to the end-user, and generally partner with subject-matter experts in all situations where documentation is required.

The backup writer is assigned to cover merge request reviews and urgent matters for the designated tech writer when they are out (vacations, sickness, and any other temporary leave). They can also naturally pair to work together on complex issues when needed.

Note that there are some planned changes to these assignments.

Section Stage Group Technical writer Backup
Dev Manage Access Mike Jang ---
Dev Manage Compliance Mike Jang ---
Dev Manage Import Mike Jang ---
Dev Manage Analytics Mike Jang ---
Dev Manage Spaces Mike Jang ---
Dev Plan Project Management Marcin Sędłak-Jakubowski ---
Dev Plan Portfolio Management Marcin Sędłak-Jakubowski ---
Dev Plan Certify Marcin Sędłak-Jakubowski ---
Dev Create Source Code Marcia Ramos ---
Dev Create Knowledge Marcia Ramos ---
Dev Create Static Site Editor Marcia Ramos ---
Dev Create Editor Marcia Ramos ---
Dev Create Gitaly Axil ---
Dev Create Gitter Axil ---
CI/CD Verify Continuous Integration Marcel Amirault ---
CI/CD Verify Runner Marcel Amirault ---
CI/CD Verify Testing Marcel Amirault ---
CI/CD Package Package Axil ---
Secure Secure Static Analysis Nick Gaskill ---
Secure Secure Dynamic Analysis Nick Gaskill ---
Secure Secure Composition Analysis Nick Gaskill ---
Secure Secure Attack Surface Nick Gaskill ---
CI/CD Release Progressive Delivery Marcia Ramos ---
CI/CD Release Release Management Marcia Ramos ---
Ops Configure Orchestration Evan Read ---
Ops Configure System Evan Read ---
Ops Monitor APM Axil ---
Ops Monitor Health Axil ---
Defend Defend Runtime Application Security Axil ---
Defend Defend Threat Management Axil ---
Defend Defend Application Infrastructure Security Axil ---
Defend Defend Anomaly Detection Axil ---
Growth Growth Acquisition Russell Dickenson ---
Growth Growth Conversion Russell Dickenson ---
Growth Growth Expansion Russell Dickenson ---
Growth Growth Retention Russell Dickenson ---
Growth Growth Fulfillment Russell Dickenson ---
Growth Growth Telemetry Russell Dickenson ---
Enablement Enablement Distribution Axil ---
Enablement Enablement Geo Evan Read ---
Enablement Enablement Memory Russell Dickenson ---
Enablement Enablement Ecosystem Russell Dickenson ---
Enablement Enablement Search Russell Dickenson ---
Enablement Enablement Database --- ---
Enablement Enablement Contributor Experience --- ---
Assignments to other projects and subjects

For collaboration in other projects and subjects:

Subject Technical writer Backup
Development guidelines (1) Marcia Ramos TBA
Subscriptions TBA TBA
GitLab Docs - frontend Marcia Ramos TBA
GitLab Docs - backend Axil TBA
GitLab Omnibus Axil TBA
GitLab Charts Axil TBA
GitLab Runner Marcel Amirault Evan Read
GitLab Development Kit (GDK) Evan Read TBA
GitLab Pages Daemon TBA TBA
GitLab Pages Examples Axil TBA
Applications/Partners Marcia Ramos TBA
Technical writing handbook Mike Lewis  
Other Mike Lewis  

(1) Note: Development guidelines refer to the docs under gitlab/doc/development/*. If the changes to this section introduced in an MR are specifically related to a stage group, the technical writer assigned to that group should perform the review and CC @marcia for her information.

Onboarding technical writers

While the technical writer is onboarding, they will be assigned to shadow groups and then start contributing as trainees, as described below. Veteran technical writers will coach them through the process.

To consult the current assignments, see the onboarding technical writers spreadsheet.

Group shadowing

For the first release cycle that begins after the new member start date, they will shadow (read) their buddy's work in their most active Stage Group, plus one other stage group/writer decided with the tech writing manager and the team. Veteran technical writers will proactively share relevant issues, merge requests, and communications with their shadows by using a #tw-onboarding-<groupname> Slack channel, creating it if it doesn't already exist, and answering questions.

Group trainees

For the second release cycle that begins after the new member's start date, unless the tech writing manager extends the shadowing phase, they will act as a trainee on one or more groups as assigned by the manager. The intent is to take on the group as its technical writer as of the next release. The veteran technical writer who is assigned to that Group will assign substantial parts of the work to the new member for this group, which accounts to roughly half of the groups's reviews of MRs with docs, UI text, and release post content; a small but substantial documentation authoring project; a few minor doc improvement projects/fixes.

Group coaching

For the third release cycle, the onboarding tech writer assumes the full role of technical writer for their assigned group, except that they will not yet have merge rights. The former TW assigned to the group is now the coach, who will review all their work (including reviews they perform of other authors) before merging it or approving it for another maintainer to merge. They may share the burden of these reviews with other technical writers.


Technical writers are assigned for merge request reviews (of both team members and community contributors) according to the stage groups they are assigned.

Documentation process


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