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Senior Product Designer, CI/CD

Department: UX

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This Senior Product Designer position for our CI/CD team is 100% remote.

A brief overview:

GitLab is building an open source, single application for the entire software development lifecycle—from project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security.

We started 2019 with a team of 15 Product Designers and Researchers. Right now, we’re in a period of growth, we’ve more than doubled the size of the Product Design team, and we’ve increased the number of GitLab employees from 400 to over 1100 this financial year, too.

At GitLab, we live and breathe open source principles. This means our entire handbook is online, and with a few clicks, you can find the details of future releases, check out our past releases, and see an overview of the product vision you’d contribute to when working here.

As a Senior Product Designer at GitLab, you will be embedded in our CI/CD group. It’s a highly visible and technical area, where you’ll be tasked with improving the onboarding flow for users who are new to our CI tools, building on the vision for CI, and bettering the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery features found within the GitLab product.

What you can expect in a Senior Product Designer, CI/CD role at GitLab:

  • You’ll be tasked with improving the experience of using our CI and CD tooling. The work you’ll do will be impactful and visible to many of our highly technical users.
  • You’ll collaborate with a Product Manager to define the priorities, roadmap, and overall strategy for the future of CI within our product.
  • You'll work alongside Product Managers and UX Researchers to understand the needs of DevOps teams to shape how CI tools are utilized within our product.
  • You’ll come together with our Technical Writers to better our CI and CD documentation and in-product content.
  • You’ll collaborate with our embedded engineering team to uncover and understand the complexities and limitations of in-product CI at GitLab, advocating for the end user in all areas, including on-boarding, ease of use, and visualization of key messaging.
  • You’ll utilize wireframes, prototypes, user flows, mockups, high-fidelity visual designs, or any other artifacts you believe are necessary to convey your design thinking and ideas.
  • You’ll engage with our user base and the wider GitLab community to understand their pain points and work toward long-term fixes that enable them to succeed with their goals.
  • You’ll undertake usability testing to validate your thinking, collaborate with our UX Researchers on generative research, and you’ll share findings with the wider team in our research repo, ensuring recommendations are communicated effectively across our organization.
  • You’ll contribute best-practice pipeline and other CI/CD patterns to our Design System, alongside the rest of the UX team, and the GitLab community as a whole.

Projects you might work on in our CI/CD group:

You’ll spend your time collaborating with a cross-functional team. You could expect to work on improving the experience of building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, refining the onboarding flow for new CI/CD users, building on our capabilities to integrate 3rd-party tools with GitLab CI pipelines, or designing a visual editor for GitLab CI yaml files. Beyond this, you’ll be building out a UX strategy for GitLab CI. You’ll consider many edge cases while understanding the needs of a wide range of personas, and you'll work within the technical constraints of our CI/CD product. Outside of work on CI/CD, you’ll also contribute to our Pajamas design system.

You should apply if:

  • You’ve got experience designing developer tooling or complex web applications that are built for highly technical users.
  • You’ve got some experience designing CI/CD experiences, or knowledge of CI/CD best practices.
  • You’ve got experience working on product strategy and product design for a complex enterprise application or SaaS tool.
  • You enjoy getting involved in research and usability testing, and you continually look to improve your user research abilities.
  • You want to design for a complex product with technical users who have continually evolving needs.
  • You’ve got experience applying your product design skills across user research, UX strategy, wireframing, prototyping, product strategy, and visual design, within a complex domain.
  • The idea of playing a key part in the evolution of our Pajamas Design System is truly exciting to you.
  • You understand frontend code or the limitations of frontend technology. You can demonstrate this through your hands-on coding skills with HTML/CSS/JS, your knowledge of Git, or by showing us you have a deep understanding of the needs of engineers you’ve worked with previously.
  • Our values of collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, iteration, and transparency resonate with you.
  • You'll thrive in an environment where self-learning and self-service is encouraged and instilled as a part of our culture.

What it’s like to work here at GitLab:

The culture here at GitLab is something we’re incredibly proud of. Because GitLabbers are currently located in over 51 different countries, you’ll spend your time collaborating with kind, talented, and motivated colleagues from across the globe.

Some of the benefits you’ll be entitled to vary by the region or country you’re in. However, all GitLabbers are fully remote and receive a "no ask, must tell" paid-time-off policy, where we don’t count the number of days you take off annually. You can work incredibly flexible hours, enabled by our asynchronous approach to communication. We’ll also help you set up your home office environment, pay for your membership to a co-working space and contribute to the travel costs associated with meeting other GitLab employees across the world. Also, every year or so, we’ll invite you to our Contribute event.

Hiring Process and compensation:

Our hiring process for this Senior Product Designer position typically follows five stages. The details of this process and the compensation for this role can be found at the bottom of our job family page.