Sep 9, 2016 - Amara Nwaigwe  

GitLab 8.11 Release Webcast: GitLab Issue Board Launch

GitLab 8.11 was our biggest release to date. Hear our vision and watch a demo.

This was an exciting release for GitLab! We appreciate all of the commments from the community on GitLab 8.11 being an "epic release". We couldn’t agree more.

In addition to the release news, we made a point to highlight our vision more prominently. If you’re familiar with GitLab and our open culture, you know that our vision has always been listed on our direction page. However, in this release, we made our vision a part of our release story as well. GitLab is an integrated set of tools for the software development lifecycle.

The launch of the GitLab Issue Board makes it easier for customers to plan, organize and visualize their issues. The GitLab Issue Board and the Issue Tracker are a perfectly paired project management solution.

In this webcast, we walk through our vision, demo a couple great features of GitLab 8.11, and share what's next on our product roadmap.

In this webcast:

  • Introduction to GitLab and our vision
  • Introduction to the GitLab Issue Board
  • GitLab 8.11 Feature Highlights
  • Demo
  • What’s next
  • Q&A

Recording & Slides

Key Takeaways

In case you don't have time to watch the full video, here are the highlights.

GitLab built-in integrations

GitLab is an integrated set of tools, including repository management, access controls, code review, issue tracker, Issue Board, and wiki. GitLab supports the full software development lifecycle through its built-in Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, and Container Registry.

Faster from idea to production

Our goal is to help teams go faster from idea to production. To do that, we've built chat, issues, wikis, code review, CI, and CD into a single UI.

10-Step lifecycle

We will ship this complete lifecycle in 2016.

  1. Chat conversation → Mattermost ships with GitLab
  2. Issue creation → GitLab Issues
  3. Planning board → GitLab Issue Board
  4. IDE → Koding + GitLab Integration
  5. Version control → GitLab Repositories
  6. Continuous Integration → GitLab CI and GitLab Container Registry
  7. Code review → GitLab Merge Requests
  8. Continuous Delivery → GitLab Deploy
  9. Chatops → We're planning to ship Cog
  10. Feedback → We plan to ship with Cycle Analytics

New features

GitLab Issue Board and Resolving Merge Conflicts in the UI are awesome features and you should really check them out.

Join us on for a special event on September 13th

Register here for our special live event on Tuesday, September 13th at 1pm ET / 5pm GMT. Our CEO, Sid Sijbrandij, will share a special announcement and walk through the future plan for GitLab and software development.

Stick around after the announcement for a Q&A session with Sid, CEO, Job van der Voort, VP of Product, Ashley Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, and guest MC Community Extraordinaire Jono Bacon.

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