Application Deployment Targets

No matter where your applications live, GitLab provides a powerful set of tools to keep your deployments simple. Whether you are deploying applications to embedded systems, on-premise servers, Raspberry Pi devices, mainframes, virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, or FaaS offerings, we've got you covered. Check out some of the highlighted deployment targets below, and feel free to add to this list if your favorite is not currently listed!



Run your applications on virtual machines running in Google's innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network.

GitLab + Google Cloud Platform = simplified, scalable deployment


Run your cloud native applications on Google's industry-leading, efficient and secure platform for managing Kubernetes clusters.

Deploy to Google Kubernetes Engine

App Engine

Leverage GitLab CI to deploy to Google's fully managed serverless application platform.

Yogesh Lakhotia's Medium Post

Cloud Run

Portability of your serverless platform is now easy with GitLab and Knative.

Run a consistent serverleess platform with GitLab and Knative.

Google Functions

Use GitLab to deploy your functions to Google's event-driven serverless compute platform.

Deploying to Google Functions from Source Control



Combine GitLab's powerful set of DevOps tools with Amazon's secure, scalable compute capacity.

Learn more about GitLab and AWS


Build your containerized applications on GitLab, then run them in Amazon's high-performance container orchestration service.

Alfiana Sibuea's Medium post on Deployment Automation with GitLab and ECS


GitLab has partnered with Amazon to ensure EKS support is available out of the gate.

Simple Deployment to Amazon EKS


Never manage a server again with GitLab's SaaS offering and Amazon's Fargate.

Trek10 Deployment to Fargate


Deploy your serverless functions to Amazon's event-driven serverless computing platform.


Azure Virtual Machines

Azure's wide range of virtualized computing solutions ensures compatibility no matter what type of application you are building with GitLab.


Leverage Azure's infrastructure while taking advantage of the powerful Kubernetes API to run your containerized applications.

Connect GitLab with a Kubernetes Cluster

Azure Functions

Run your serverless functions in Azure's on-demand compute platform without provisioning or configuring infrastructure.

Azure Service Fabric

Build your microservices with GitLab, then run them in Azure's distributed, scalable microservices platform.

And More!


DigitalOcean provides both rock solid virtualized compute instances, as well as an easy-to-use Kubernetes service for the rest of us.


Deploy, run and manage Kubernetes clusters with VMware's production-ready ecosystem.


IBM Cloud provides plenty of options for hosting your applications. From baremetal, on-premises Kubernetes, Z-series Mainframe servers and everything in-between, GitLab has the tools to get your applications onto IBM's offerings.


GitLab's pioneering suite of DevOps tools is a perfect fit for ScaleWay's range of cloud infrastructure services.

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