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Upcoming webcasts

Shifting-left: Rethinking security within DevOps

December 5th, 8:00 am PT/ 4:00 pm UTC

Learn why securing next gen software will require new thinking between dev and sec.
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Unleashing the power of portable Serverless

November 19, 8:30 am PT/ 3:30 pm UTC

See how GitLab optimized for Kubernetes and Knative can help you achieve operational efficiency gains from Serverless without the vendor lock-in.
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Past webcasts

Debunking Serverless security myths

Learn how to bring Dev and Sec teams together to secure your serverless applications.
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Securing your applications in a Cloud Native world

Learn how to combat modern application security challenges by leveraging Zero Trust principles.
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7 GitLab CI hacks

GitLab built-in CI/CD does not only eliminate maintenance nightmare, it comes fully customizable. Hear 2 GitLab Engineers go over 7 GitLab CI advanced workflows that can help your team get to productivity faster.
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Claves para el Éxito de DevOps

Únase a nosotros mientras discutimos los últimos hallazgos clave en el informe de 2018 y comparta las observaciones del equipo de GitLab, donde practicamos DevOps y ayudamos a nuestros clientes a acelerar la entrega de su software.
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Chaves para o sucesso em DevOps

Junte-se a nós enquanto discutimos as mais recentes descobertas no relatório de 2018 e compartilhamos observações da equipe do GitLab, onde estamos praticando DevOps e ajudando nossos clientes a acelerar a entrega de software.
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11.0 to 12.0: How we got to DevSecOps in a single application

Celebrate the 12.0 milestone and learn how to bring together Dev, Sec and Ops into one team, focused on delivering business value.
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The Hidden Costs of DevOps Toolchains

Join us on July 10th to hear our guest speaker, Christopher Condo, Senior Analyst at Forrester share key insights and best practices from this research. You’ll learn practical insights on how to overcome the toolchain challenge and get to productivity faster.
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Automating Kubernetes deployments

Watch this webcast to discover a more agile deployment process. You will learn how to spin up development environments in just a few clicks with GitLab’s built-in container registry and robust Google Kubernetes integration.
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Avoiding the DevOps tax

In this webcast, Mark Pundsack, Head of Product at GitLab, and guest speaker Christopher Condo, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and discuss the current state of DevOps automation and how IT leaders can unlock themselves from today’s toolchain to avoid the 'DevOps tax'.
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Mastering continuous software development

Watch now to learn about continuous software development and how GitLab's out-of-the-box CI/CD can help you speed up your software development cycle by 200%.
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Keys to accelerating software delivery

In this webinar, we’ll hear our featured speaker, Forrester’s Diego Lo Giudice discuss his research into how 'Faster Software Delivery Accelerates Digital Transformation'.
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Mission Mobility: A DevSecOps Discussion

Join Bill Nystrom, CTO of Air Combat Command Directorate of Communications, Harold Smith III, Co-Founder and CEO of Monkton, Pradeeb Chhabra, Director, Security Engineering at Capital One, and John Jeremiah, Product Marketing Leader at GitLab in a panelist discussion around improving your speed to market in a highly regulated environment.
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A Cloud Native Transformation

Over the past few years, Ask Media Group has made the shift from on-prem data centers to the AWS cloud. In doing so, they’ve rearchitected numerous legacy systems from monoliths to microservices. Hear from Chenglim Ear, Principal Software Engineer, Ask Media Group about how they accomplished this and what lessons they can share with you.
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Livestream: What’s next for GitLab?

Two years ago we held our very first #GitLabLive event where we unveiled our master plan to build a complete toolset for developers, from idea to production. Since then, we’ve not only delivered on that vision, but expanded our product to include the entire DevOps lifecycle. We’ve seamlessly integrated each step, so dev and ops teams can plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, monitor, and secure software within a single application.
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Keys to DevOps Success

Accelerating and streamlining software delivery is a common challenge faced by almost every IT leader. We have partnered with Gene Kim and the DevOps Research and Assessment team to create this year’s version of 'The Accelerate State of DevOps Report'. This report is the result of five years of research--with over 30,000 data points--to understand high performance in the context of software development, and the factors that predict it.
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DevOps: Powering your Speed to Mission

Interested in learning what powerful impact DevOps is having on the Federal government and how DevOps can power your speed to mission? Join us for a panelist discussion on DevOps in the Public Sector
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DevOps Discussion with Gary Gruver

Deciding to start a DevOps transformation is the first step in eliminating inefficiencies, but how do teams proceed?
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Release Radar: Auto DevOps

How many steps does it take to go from code to production? Automated pipelines are supposed to make software delivery faster and more efficient, but often require many integrations that need to be managed and maintained—making the process not so automatic.
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Starting and Scaling DevOps

Companies worldwide are excited about DevOps and the many potential benefits of embarking on a DevOps transformation. The challenge, however, is figuring out where to begin and how to scale DevOps practices over time.
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Scalable app deployment

With the GitLab + Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) integration, developers have the power to spin up a Kubernetes cluster managed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a few clicks. The integration’s versatility speeds up software development and delivery while maintaining security and scale, allowing developers to focus on building apps instead of managing infrastructure.
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