Getting started with GitLab CI/CD and Google Cloud Platform

Apr 24, 2018 · 2 min read
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Earlier this month we announced our new native integration with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), allowing you to set up CI/CD and Kubernetes deployment in just a few clicks. If you're new to GitLab CI on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we've put together a quick demo and instructions you can view below. For a more detailed walkthrough and the chance to ask questions, join us on April 26 for a live demo.



Add a Kubernetes Engine cluster

Head on over to the CI/CD -> Kubernetes menu option in the GitLab UI. Here you can add your existing cluster to your project or create a brand new one.

Add your Kubernetes cluster

Once connected, you can install applications like Helm Tiller, Ingress, Prometheus, and GitLab Runner to your cluster with just one click.

Install applications

Enable Auto DevOps

We've also worked with Google to integrate GitLab Auto DevOps with GKE. Using them together, you'll have a continuous deployment pipeline that automatically creates a review app for each merge request and once you merge, deploys the application into production on production-ready GKE.

To get started, go to CI/CD -> General pipeline settings, and select “Enable Auto DevOps.” For more information, read the Auto DevOps docs.

Enable Auto DevOps

Auto DevOps takes the manual work out of CI/CD by automatically detecting what languages you’re using, and configuring a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline that results in your app running live on the Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Review pipeline

Now, whenever you create a merge request, we'll run a review pipeline to deploy a review app to your cluster where you can preview your changes. When you merge the code, GitLab will run a production pipeline to deploy your app to production, running on Kubernetes Engine!

Get $500 credit for your project

Every new Google Cloud Platform account receives $300 in credit upon signup. In partnership with Google, we're offering an additional $200 for both new and existing GCP accounts to get started with the GKE integration. Here's a link to apply for your $200 credit.

Join Google and GitLab for a live demo

Join Google’s William Denniss and GitLab’s William Chia for a walkthrough of the integration on April 26. You’ll learn how easy it is to set up a Kubernetes cluster, how to deploy your app using GitLab CI/CD, and how GKE enables you to deploy, update, and manage containerized applications at scale.

Register today!

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