Here's a little something for our longtime friends

Jun 8, 2018 · 2 min read
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What a week! Some pretty big news on Monday launched the #movingtogitlab trend, and we've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. So, if you're new or #movingtogitlab now, welcome! But we don't want to forget our longtime fans and supporters. When GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij read your tweets about joining GitLab before everyone was #movingtogitlab, he created an issue and rallied the team to come up with something special.

How to get yours

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If you're an active GitLab user and created your account before June 2nd, 2018, fill out this form to apply for yours. You'll need a US shipping address too. Make sure you're quick, as the shirts are limited edition – only 1,250 of you will be able to show how legit you are 😎 As of Monday afternoon, just 383 of the shirts have been claimed, so there's still some time to grab one!

Why just the US?

We are a global company, but because this movement has moved so fast, it's even caught us by surprise. While we'd love to ship to everyone, the T-shirt is being custom made in the US (as we speak!), so it makes the most logistical sense to ship locally. To compare, the cost to ship the T-shirt within the US is $8, versus $85 for a reliable courier to Portugal. This is because when shipping internationally, we need to pay someone to fill out customs fees. Cheaper options do exist, but we don't want to sacrifice reliability as we'd hate for anyone's T-shirt not to reach them!

In addition to the high shipping costs on our end, we’re concerned that recipient will likely pay high VAT or customs fees when the shirt arrives.

We hope everyone understands – we had to move quickly and we'll have other freebies down the line that are more inclusive.

With the formalities out the way, if you didn't need to move to GitLab because you've been with us all along, please go forth and apply for your GitLab Originals T-shirt!

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