With the recent news of Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub, we've seen a trend of #movingtogitlab which now has more than 1,000 tweets.

Stats on how Twittersphere is responding to reports that @github is about to be acquired by @Microsoft .@gitlab and #movingtogitlab are the most popular in GitHub mentioned tweets, unsurprisingly pic.twitter.com/dt9ZdoTQBI

— Vicinitas 📈: Hashtag & Keyword Tracking (@vicinitas_io) June 4, 2018

We're also seeing a massive increase in projects migrating to GitLab.

We're seeing 10x the normal daily amount of repositories #movingtogitlab https://t.co/7AWH7BmMvM We're scaling our fleet to try to stay up. Follow the progress on https://t.co/hN0ce379SC and @movingtogitlab

— GitLab (@gitlab) June 3, 2018
Projects created in GitLab
GitHub imports to GitLab

Why are people #movingtogitlab?

I love @gitlab, the integration between code repository, documentation management, issue tracking and CI/CD is seamless ... and free. @github moving to Microsoft could be huge for GitLab https://t.co/t9Jzyf9dmV

— Oli Young (@oliyoung) June 3, 2018

Even if you go with https://t.co/e5iMjTswKf at first, the fact you’re able to quickly run your own GitLab CE install and migrate from https://t.co/e5iMjTswKf is crucial.

— Matt Lee (@mattl) June 4, 2018

GitLab also ranks very highly on the FSF ethical criteria evaluation. https://t.co/oHvmNQqA1u

— Matt Lee (@mattl) June 4, 2018

No problem, I mean what's not to love? You improve consistently, you listen to the community and you make using your platform feel like you're a part of something special. I support you all the way, I have no need to be #movingtogitlab as I've used @gitlab for nearly 2 years now

— LTN Games (@LTNGames) June 3, 2018

How to move to GitLab

We've tried to make it as simple as possible to migrate your projects from GitHub to GitLab.

Had planned to spend the day moving our repos from @github to @gitlab following the MS rumours.. turns out it took < 5 minutes 😂 swish 👍🏻🦄 time for beer 👍🏻 #devops #git #winning

— Aperitif (@AperitifIO) June 2, 2018

It literally takes only 2 clicks to move to GitLab #movingtogitlab @gitlab @movingtogitlab

— Pablo (@PablockMS) June 3, 2018

You can read through the documentation or watch the step-by-step video below.

New users get a 75% discount on GitLab's top tier plans

New GitLab users can get 75 percent off GitLab Ultimate or Gold for one year. GitLab Ultimate is our top-tier self-hosted offering, and GitLab Gold is our top-tier SaaS offering hosted by GitLab.com. To qualify you have to:

  1. Be a new user of GitLab.
  2. Send a tweet that includes #movingtogitlab from your account before Wednesday, June 6, 11:59pm Pacific time.
  3. Send an email to movingtogitlab@gitlab.com with a link to the tweet.
  4. We will send you a discount code or a quote document that can be executed by you.
  5. You need to place an order at or before Saturday, June 30, 11:59pm Pacific time.

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